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How Quality Polo Shirts Enhance Performance in a Golf Pitch

Whether you want a golf polo shirt for a friendly or amateur match, the above considerations will improve performance on the pitch.

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Ever wondered why golfers always look neat in their shirts? Dress code is an essential requirement in the golf field. Mens golf polo shirts come with a wide range of styles and varieties at different competitive market prices. The selection of a polo shirt may affect your performance. Here are some top tips to help you understand the impact of quality polo shirts on performance.


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Men’s golf polo shirts have a wide range of fit. Some fits have a looser cut, with spaces in the sleeves and collar. However, a polo shirt with a slim cut on the torso and arms will reduce friction. Length is another consideration to take in mind. Your polo shirt should go past your waistband but not further than mid-fly. Make sure you check the fit before buying the desired polo.

Stretching ability

Golf polo shirts should have an excellent ability to pull; this enhances flexibility as you play the game. A polo shirt should have at least 97% combed fine cotton with some Lyra, and this enables the shirt to stretch without a tear. You should always consider such a feature that keeps you relaxed and comfortable in a golf pitch.


Do not always consider polo shirts made of silk. Polyester is a unique material that gives you an excellent touch of elegance. This material does not only contribute to its odor and moisture control but washes better and is a more breathable material. The soft and high-quality fabric polyester offers an extreme athletic feeling in a golf pitch. You should select such an option that brings the best out of it.

Moisture and odor control

Different polo golf shirts have varying abilities to absorb moisture and control odor. You can never go wrong on selecting a shirt that suits your body. The ultra-moisture wicking fabric has a faster transference of moisture to the atmosphere. Its quick-drying ability means improved and prolonged comfort. You need to consider the aspect of moisture evaporation that keeps you dry in the pitch.

Wash and wear

The worthiness of a shirt is the ability to maintain its color and shape after washing several times. If you want to avoid the challenges of having to clean golf polo shirts after every use and losing its color, consider a quality polo golf shirt. You should not pick an option that wears off after a few cleanups.

Stylish design

Different polo shirts are suitable for various events. You should not go wrong on selecting the most elegant golf polo shirt. A pocket, lower cut collar, buttons, or zippers provide a fresh, stylish look. The best sleek golf polo shirt boosts your confidence in the pitch. A slightly dull-colored polo will be the perfect shirt for you in a golf tournament, which brings a new style in the golf pitch.

Finishing options

A good golf polo shirt doesn’t just need to look good; it needs to improve your performance and not prohibit it. Versatility is also another key when choosing the right men’s golf shirt for you. You should search for the perfect shirt for the golf pitch.

You can successfully choose the right men’s polo shirt from the above qualities. Whether you want a golf polo shirt for a friendly or amateur match, the above considerations will improve performance on the pitch. However, added advice from experts will boost your knowledge of quality polo shirts.

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