Can You Wear Men’s Button-Down Shirts on a Golf Course?

Note that some golf clubs can be very strict with their dress code, so how do you actually dress when going on to one?

Some guys ask what they can when playing golf. Remember that the majority of golf clubs will have a dress code. If you want to be sure if you can wear men’s button down shirts on the course, then you should ask your local club.

Note that some golf clubs can be very strict with their dress code. As a rule, the more exclusive the club, the stricter the rules are for the attire. You can click here to find the best polo golf shirts which are stylish and comply to golfing rules. The rules will usually be posted somewhere, and it will be on display on the club’s website.

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What to Wear on the Course and in the Clubhouse

If you cannot find any dress code information posted anywhere, it is best to ask for it. One of the staff will be glad to explain it to you. The information below includes some of the most common guidelines as to golf attire for men and women.

Note, however, that some clubs may have different standards. Some may allow more casual clothing, while others will apply more stringent measures.

Tops and Shirts

Some golf clubs will allow you to wear men’s button-down shirts. A lot of the time, they would have you wear polo style shirts or anything that has a collar; this rule will usually apply to the course, the clubhouse, and in the dining area as well.

Never wear a t-shirt. Not only is it frowned upon, but you would not even be allowed through the door wearing just that.

On another note, women can wear sleeveless golf shirts during hot days. Just remember that the cardinal rule here is to make sure you wear something that has a collar. You are not allowed to wear tube tops, halters, or anything that reveals any cleavage.

Never look sloppy in your top, and never leave a shirt un-tucked. The same rule applies when you wear men’s button-down shirts. Some golf clubs may let you get away with an un-tucked shirt, but do not be surprised if one of the staff reminds you of this rule.

When wearing long sleeves, make sure it goes up to three-quarters of the way to your elbows. Again, make sure that it is a good fit—no baggie looks or anything that is too tight or ill-fitting.

Clothing Rules for Bottoms

Short shorts are not allowed in any golf club, so if you plan on wearing shorts, make sure that it falls above your knee caps. You cannot wear cargo shorts, athletic pants, or yoga pants, either, and denim has no place in any golf club. The bottoms of the pants should land exactly on top of your shoes. Pants that have pleats and cuffs are usually not allowed.

What about Outerwear?

You can wear jackets on colder days. However, hoodies, denim jackets, and sweatshirts are never allowed. If you are allowed to wear windbreakers, collards, and sweaters, make sure that they are not oversized ones.

Golf Shoes

No other footwear is allowed on the course or in the clubhouse other than golf shoes. Note, however, that some clubs will allow you to wear sneakers and running shoes provided that their bottoms are non-metallic.

Metal spikes are not allowed since they tend to tear the course. Sandals, street shoes, and boots are not allowed anywhere in the club.

For men, the takeaway here is that wearing men’s button-down shirts may be your best bet. It is casual and classy at the same time. It has a breathable fabric that is appropriate enough for a relatively not too physical sport like golf. It is also the perfect shirt for after-game social gatherings at the club!


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