LOEWE SS24 starring Jamie Dornan and Omar Apollo

Capturing the performative subject of fashion


Courtesy of Loewe

The LOEWE SS24 Men’s Campaign, photographed by David Sims, is an artistic representation of the SS24 collection, emphasizing gestural expressions and transforming subtlety into bold statements. Featuring Jamie Dornan, Golden Globe-nominated actor and LOEWE’s Global Brand Ambassador, alongside singer-songwriter Omar Apollo, the campaign captures a spectrum of emotions, from contemplative intensity to dynamic performance, showcasing the collection’s versatility.

Courtesy of Loewe

The campaign showcases a variety of apparel, including leather, knits, and sparkling textures, accentuating the clothing’s unique tactile qualities. Accessories such as Screen sunglasses and Puzzle bags complement the characters, hinting at different moods and gestures. Additionally, the still-life images of bags and shoes evoke a sense of motion, following the campaign’s expressive narrative.

With its stress on the performative subject, the campaign is all about life, and image-making as a way to capture it.

AW24 Collection by av vattev


Kuanghan Hsu, Jeremy Pope & Massimiliano Caiazzo Model Fendi