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Björn Borg Releases New Campaign With An Online Fashion Game

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The famed sportswear and underwear company Björn Borg came up with a breakthrough idea for their spring summer 2015 collection. The campaign for the same simply comes alive through an online fashion game. The creators of the idea made sure FIRST PERSON LOVER game is more than just a marketing ploy. The game was developed and sent for testing to some of the most revered online gamers and their communities. The gamers have rated the game with flying colours, reviews describing it as “one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen”.


The First Person Lover Game is available for free at

The game also integrates a revolutionary e-commerce, the special in game shopping where players can dress up their avatar in the pieces from Björn Borg spring summer 2015 collection. At the same time they get to fight the forces of evil with the power of love. How it actually works? Well it is easy to check on the link above.

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To have a better look of the collection consisting not only of the coveted Borg undies, but also footwear, apparel and pretty much a full sports collection. Discover our favorite men’s looks below. The collection is modeled by Brazilian top model Jean Carlos.

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ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Björn Borg SS15 draws its inspiration from fictional worlds. Mesmerizing mythical islands, lost worlds and visionary computer games. A mainly monochrome collection where sport and fashion are intertwined. The key prints in the collection are inspired by water, coral structures and ancient temples. These prints are found throughout all product groups. The key material trend for this season is mesh. This runs through inserts, paneling and details across apparel, underwear, bags, footwear and eyewear.

Alexander Taptsov

Alexander Taptsov at Ideal People by Third Balleras