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Lee Minho Stars in BOSS’s Spring Summer 2024 Campaign

BOSS steps into the Spring Summer 2024 season with an audacious declaration of individuality and self-empowerment.


BOSS heralds a new era of empowerment with its Spring Summer 2024 campaign #BeYourOwnBOSS. The luxury brand invites on a journey of self-discovery and determination, encapsulating the essence of being the master of your destiny, adorned in unparalleled style.

This season, BOSS redefines the narrative of personal empowerment, enlisting a constellation of globally acclaimed stars to embody its message. The campaign, a kaleidoscope of confidence and forward-looking vision, BOSS welcomes back its cherished ambassadors – South Korean cinematic icon Lee Minho and Italian tennis virtuoso Matteo Berrettini. Adding a multifaceted charm to the campaign, are British talent Suki Waterhouse, the face of BOSS Watches, Jewelry, and Eyewear, as well as the magnetic allure of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen and British modeling sensation Adwoa Aboah.


Each ambassador, captured in a labyrinthine setting transitioning from shadow to light, epitomizes the transformative journey of life choices, echoing the campaign’s core message: the power to be your own BOSS lies within. This visual metaphor not only resonates with the audience but also invites them to embark on their own path of self-realization and style.

The Spring Summer 2024 collection, first glimpsed at the brand’s Miami fashion show, continues to inspire with its sophisticated, muted color palette and contemporary reinterpretations of classic pieces. Designed for the dynamic 24/7 lifestyle, the collection offers a versatile wardrobe for all occasions. Signature BOSS suiting undergoes a modern transformation with strong silhouettes, while a delicate interplay of soft shades, light textures, and contrasts between fluidity and structure, opacity and translucency, offers a refreshing outlook tailored for the warmer months ahead.

A highlight of the collection is the introduction of the new Double B monogram, a symbol of bold individuality and statement-making style. This emblem, featured across apparel and accessories, marks a new chapter in BOSS’s design evolution. The launch is accompanied by a groundbreaking digital campaign and a global showcase of the monogram through hyper-realistic CGI technology, under the rallying cry “Double B, Every Me.” This initiative invites nearly 100 brand ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, and influencers to express their unique identities while adorned in the new collection, showcasing the multifaceted ways to embody the essence of being your own BOSS.

In a display of innovative brilliance, BOSS sets a new benchmark in outdoor advertising with the projection of a 10m-high hologram of Lee Minho and Gisele Bündchen in London’s Potters Fields Park. This pioneering venture not only captures the imagination but also reinforces BOSS’s commitment to innovation and technological exploration in its brand communications.


As Nadia Kokni, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Communications at HUGO BOSS, eloquently puts it, the incorporation of cutting-edge technology like the hologram not only achieves impactful consumer engagement but also offers a new, unforgettable experience that strengthens the brand’s connection with its audience.

Available from January 31, 2024, the Spring Summer 2024 collection invites you to explore its offerings at BOSS stores,, and through select wholesale partners, supported by an extensive 360° marketing campaign.

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