MMSCENE GUIDE: Top Beard Growth Tips For 2021

Grow The Beard Of Your Dreams With Our Effective Beard Growth Tips Today

MMSCENE GUIDE Top Beard Growth Tips For 2021
Photography by © José Tió

Are you tired of struggling with a sparse beard? Do you want to grow your bear longer than ever before? Instead of wasting your money on crazy hair growth gimmicks or useless topical creams from shady internet sellers, used proven methods to grow your beard hair in a healthy way. It can be hard enough to grow a gloriously full beard, but if you have the dedication and the patience, a good-looking beard is will be no more than a few tips away.

Get On A Beard Growth Routine

Growing out a thick beard takes time and most men give up before they even reach the fun part of the process. The itchy stage of beard growth can be troublesome, but this is a sign that your beard is on its way. It will take an average of 6-9 weeks to grow out a small beard, and it is important that you avoid trimming until at least this part of the process. Make a habit of waking up, brushing, and moisturizing your beard every day for healthy growth.

Proper Beard Hydration

One of the most important beard growth tips we have to offer is hydrating your beard and the skin beneath it on a regular basis. Dry skin will easily become irritated and dry whiskers will exacerbate this irritation. A premium beard oil or a high-quality beard moisturizer will soothe the skin and also keep the hair soft as it grows. Look for products that contain chamomile, aloe, or even turmeric, all of which have soothing properties.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

What you eat will have a dramatic effect on how quickly your beard hair grows. Proper nutrients will also ensure that as your beard grows, it is thick and healthy. A well-balanced diet that supports beard growth should include healthy complete proteins such as eggs, beef, fish, and chicken. Fruits and vegetables also are needed for thick, healthy beard hair. Food that is rich in vitamin E and keratin will give your body the boost it needs to produce bear hair more efficiently. Try to reduce your sugar and alocohol consumption for best results and keep your stress level at the lowest possible level. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is THE killer for many important processes inside your body.

Cultivate Natural Beard Oils

For many men daily beard washing maybe won’t be the right thing to do. Moisturizing your beard and skin is important, but cultivating your natural beard oil is also essential. Skip washing your beard every time you shower, instead limit yourself to twice a week. Too much beard washing could remove the natural oils in the hair, and that will cause it to become dry and brittle. Of course, make sure to wash your face daily, but skip the beard to help cultivate the oils when you recognize your skin feels too dry.

If your beard gets dirty, you can use water to rinse it outside of your regular wash days. When you do wash your beard, use a specially formulated beard wash instead of regular shampoo or bar soap. The hair on your face is different than the hair on your head, so it is important to use a product that will support growth and healthy beard hair. Many mild soaps also do a good job, look for natural options.

Use Hair Growth Supplements and Creams

For those who are struggling with hair loss, clinically proven topical creams such as Minoxidil can be an effective option. This can help you to maintain the beard hair that you grow more effectively instead of losing the hair before your beard has a chance to shine. For those who just want an extra boost on a thicker beard with less patches, proven supplements are great options. Not only will you be able to grow your beard hair quicker, but the hair will also be thicker and softer than ever before due to a ton of natural beard-supporting ingredients for the growth from within.

MMSCENE GUIDE Top Beard Growth Tips For 2021
Photography by © José Tió

Adjust Your Lifestyle

The hair on your body, including your beard hair, grows in cycles. A lifestyle that is full of stress, lack of sleep, and little physical activity will keep your follicles in the dormant cycle. So, if you are wondering why your beard is not growing as fast as it should, take a look at your regular habits and make changes to your lifestyle that will support proper beard hair growth. Take time to relax and de-stress at the end of each day.

Also, it is a good idea to work out at least 30 minutes a day to support proper cell regeneration. You don’t have to go to the gym, but a brisk walk or run each day can do wonders for your beard growth goals. Getting the right amount of sleep each day is also important. When you sleep, the body has a chance to get rid of old cells and grow new ones. This is also the best time for your body to focus on hair growth!

Pamper Your Beard

Anything worth doing takes a generous amount of time and effort. Plan for your beard to take at least 8 months before it is fully grown out. During this time it is important to pamper your beard to promote additional growth and nurture the skin under your beard at the same time. For the first few weeks using a gentle beard and scuff product that will soothe the itching and keep the hair soft. You can purchase a specially formulated product or make one on your own out of skin-soothing ingredients. Once you pass the scruffy stage make sure to use beard oils or moisturizers every day. This will help lock in moisture and keep the hair soft as the beard grows. To keep your beard neat, consider using essential oils or Shea butter to tame the flyaway hairs and reduce breakage.

Grow The Beard Of Your Dreams With Our Effective Beard Growth Tips Today

Cultivating a thick luscious beard takes time and effort, but the end results are well worth the wait. An active lifestyle and a proper diet are the best way to support proper growth from within and taking care of the hair and skin on the most effective ways to boost hair growth for a healthy, thick beard. But luckily we have some options to help from the outside or the inside.

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