All You Need to Know About Gender-Neutral Hairstyles

Gender-Neutral Hairstyles are making a comeback this season and to help you choose your new do, our beauty editor rounds up the most familiar hairstyles:

Gender-Neutral Hairstyles
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Haircuts that are not specific to either gender are known as gender-neutral styles. The gender-neutral haircut is undoubtedly one of the most popular looks right now, and some of our favorite celebrities are leading the way in terms of popularizing this trend.

They pose a question about the idea of what it means to have a haircut that is generally associated with either a woman or a man.

The good news is that there are gender-neutral hairstyles that are appropriate for both long and short hair. Haircuts that are gender neutral may be daring and colorful, they can make use of a broad variety of fringes and partings, and they can be customized to meet all kinds of individual preferences. If you want to avoid being typecast, consider getting one of these haircuts as a starting point for your future look. To explore and experiment with different gender-neutral hairstyles, you can visit Facetune.

Blunt Bangs

The blunt bangs haircut is considered to be one of the most adaptable fringe hairstyles currently in vogue. They’re adaptable to a broad variety of hairdos and may be worn by anybody who wants to wear them. It’s a characteristic that stands out in any haircut and is shaped by bangs that are trimmed in a line along the face.

Gender-Neutral Hairstyles
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

There are a variety of ways to achieve blunt bangs and it’s suitable for a wide variety of hair types. They look great on straight hair since this shows the accuracy of the cut and bangs are a great way to achieve a youthful look while also helping to conceal skin issues on the forehead such as wrinkles and fine lines. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to use the right hair products which you can get from several online haircare stores.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Photographer ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Buzz cut

People who are interested in experimenting and changing their appearance with the stroke of a clipper might benefit greatly from this style choice. The buzz cut enables you to experiment with color without the risk of making a permanent choice and the adaptability of a buzz cut is a significant part of its appeal.

Photo ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Textured pixie cut

One of the most traditional examples of an androgynous hairstyle is the pixie cut. Pixie cuts that are textured or spikey are a terrific way to customize your haircut and provide a sense of modernity to the style. Incorporating fun and quirky layering to your hair may give it more volume plus depth and a textured pixie cut allows you to enhance your natural texture and it looks amazing on everyone.


If you have a preference for cropped hairstyles, you may want to try something daring like split dye, bright colors, or even a tiny mullet. The great thing about mullets is that they can be styled in a wide variety of ways and even take on whole new forms. This is why the mullet will never lose its enduring allure.

Moon Bangs

To put it simply, moon bangs are often trimmed into the form of an exaggerated crescent. They don’t move much from the forehead, barely going down far enough to touch the cheekbones sometimes. They go well with mullets and shags, as well as any other highly textured hairstyle.

curtain bangs
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Curtain Bangs

The fact that curtain bangs have an appeal that is not exclusive to either gender makes them one of the greatest fringe designs. They’re an excellent complement to any haircut for everyone. The bangs are often separated along the center, which helps to define the face. These bangs owe their name to the resemblance they have to the look of a curtain when it is drawn across a window. These bangs may be applied to any hairstyle and done in a variety of lengths, from short curtains that are hardly noticeable to long ones that reach the shoulders.

Gender-Neutral Hairstyles
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Curly Bob

The classic bob is a short haircut that is typically trimmed at the level of the jaw. It’s very complementary and adaptable since it can be worn with any hair type or texture and looks good on a wide variety of facial shapes. On straight hair, the accuracy of the cut is obvious, which may result in an image that is dramatic and edgy. On the other hand, the bob haircut gives a more laid-back aesthetic when worn with curly hair.

All images captured in Milano by DSCENE Contributing photographer Igor Cvoro with one of the most talented Hair Stylist in Italy Mimmo di Maggio – discover the complete story.

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