The Influence of Fashion On Men’s Haircuts for Performances in Ballroom Dancing

Modern fashion dictates its rules, but the rules of ballroom dancing should not remain outside this zone

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In the modern world, new dance styles appear, but there are types of dance that were relevant several decades ago. This is a combination of history, traditions and cultures of different peoples who wanted to create not just set of movements but a centuries-old heritage for their descendants. Such dance is distinguished by certain regulations and their conditions for both the performance and the appearance of the dancers. Ballroom dancing got great popularity before the First World War. Even before this time, other forms of such a dance appeared thanks to African immigrants and residents of Argentina, who are still arguing about the appearance of tango.

This passionate dance was perceived by society ambiguously, but other types, such as a waltz or quadrille, were very popular in many dance houses. Ballroom dancing developed, adding new directions and new movements, but its main features remained unchanged. This is not only the rhythm of the music, but also some basic movements, as well as a dance costume, makeup and hairstyle.


Photo ©Christoph Musiol for MMSCENE

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Men and women had to follow a certain style to perform one or another ballroom dance. Everything is important here – the type of haircut, styling, parting and hair shine. Each type of ballroom dancing has its own rules and strict regulations. Modern fashion dictates its own rules, but the laws of ballroom dancing have their own requirements. Many dancers have modern hairstyles, but when performing a particular dance, they try to make them as correct as possible for certain rules of this dance.

Men’s haircuts for ballroom dancing should have several features:

? If you dance in a sportier style, then comfort will be important to you. A volume hairstyle should not interfere with your movements, and hair should not fall into your eyes during sharp turns.
? The hairstyle should look harmonious with the overall image, complementing it and not overlapping and not standing out. The right hairstyle should hide the flaws that may be in the preparation
of the whole dance image.
? Each strand should be well fixed. Dance events or competitions can last several hours, so the hairstyle should always be perfect and keep up well.
? Any hairstyle should have a distinctive shine that gives it a special luxurious look. Sometimes briolin is used here, which gives the hair not only shine but also a reliable fixation. It is important to make clear lines and observe a certain severity.

Men’s hairstyle for ballroom dancing

European program

This area of such dance includes:

? Slow Waltz
? Tango
? Viennese Waltz
? Quickstep (Fast Foxtrot) and Slowfox (Slow Foxtrot)

Different hairstyle styles are available here – it depends on the particular dance. But the main type is the Italian haircut, where the nape and temples are cut short, and the hair above remains long (but not too much). Such a haircut gives an image of masculinity and seriousness. But such a haircut also emphasizes the nape line, which allows you to create a beautiful and straight line for the dance image, which goes from the feet to the top of the head.

Latin program

This area of such dance includes:

? Samba
? Cha-cha-cha
? Rumba
? Pasodoble
? Jive

Here, the high back of the head is not as important as in European dances. Here, a long nape is often cut, visually lengthening it. It is important that such a haircut does not make the neck visually shorter. Hair styling is also a little different – a beautiful curl is created from the hair and laid on top with special gels. Some dances allow you not to make a clear neck line, and hair could be styled in a form of a light wave.

Men in dance performances should not have too creative hairstyle. Ballroom dancing of any level, both beginner and professional, prohibits garoshes, mohawk and other extravagant hairstyles. And the explanation here is quite understandable – the image for ballroom dancing is not compatible with such an appearance.

Many dance participants use mousses or gels to make their hairstyle suitable for the style of the dance. Such products can direct and fix hair as you need. Another advantage of mousse or gel is reliable hair fixation.

Photo ©Christoph Musiol for MMSCENE


It is quite difficult to make a good and proper styling before the dance performance. Here are some simple steps to help you to look accordingly and have the right hairstyle for any type of ballroom dance. The most important element is a hair spray with a high level of fixation. You can add a lot of spray, but here it is also important to know the measure. The gel can also be useful for creating a beautiful dance image – it makes hair harder so you need to use a little of this tool. Heavy hair can have a different shape, but with strong movements, the hairstyle may “fall down”. Also, dancers use a special hair mousse, which allows you to make hair stiff to create an unusual hairstyle. Also, all these tools can be used together to increase the safety of the hairstyle until the end of the performance.

Hairdryer use

Here you need to use a big and powerful hair dryer with a thin nozzle. If you take a wide nozzle, it will be difficult to make a hairstyle with thin neat lines. Such a nozzle is most often used simply for drying hair. To make a beautiful hair dryer, you first need to wash your hair, and then apply a gel or mousse. You should start with the roots and the back of the head, then lift the roots and lay them to the right side. To make it easier to lift your hair, it is best to use a comb with straight teeth.

Beautiful parting

Parting is also an important part of a suitable hairstyle for ballroom dancing. Most often, it has a lateral shape, and goes from the left or right side of the eyebrows to the crown of the head. It will look very stylish and romantic and sometimes passionate if you use it for an energetic type of ballroom dancing. You can also use mousse here, but do it after washing your hair. Drying with a hairdryer fixes the hair, so it is important to part at once. Some stylists add volume to the front, in bangs. But it is appropriate if the hair is short and the front side is longer than the temples and the back.

If you like ballroom dancing, then you must follow its rules. Here you can’t be creative and modern fashion shouldn’t usually close the laws of hairstyles for such dances. Any style of hairstyle can be redone with the help of spray, mousse, gel and hair dryer. You must feel the dance but also feel your flawless image. Modern fashion dictates its rules, but the rules of ballroom dancing should not remain outside this zone.

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