Denim and Digital Worlds Collide at HUGO BLUE Launch in Berlin

Berlin welcomes HUGO BLUE in a fusion of fashion, gaming, and self-expression.

Courtesy of Hugo Blue

HUGO BLUE, the fresh brand line from HUGO that places a spotlight on denim and self-expression, made a striking impact on youth culture with its launch event in Berlin on March 6. Drawing in a crowd of approximately 1,000 guests, the event offered an immersive dive into the debut collection of HUGO BLUE, fusing inspiring product installations with the worlds of entertainment and gaming to create an unforgettable experience.

Courtesy of Hugo Blue

Hosted at the historic Wilhelm Hallen, the entrance to the event featured an out of this world blue “tunnel,” setting the stage for what lay ahead. This entryway led guests directly into the heart of HUGO BLUE’s universe, highlighting the brand line’s dedication to denim through a vivid display of logo details and a rich palette of blues.

Courtesy of Hugo Blue

The collection, which spans menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral offerings, emphasizes denim essentials alongside streetwear favorites like graphic tees, hoodies, tops, shorts, trousers, and outerwear. The presentation of key looks in three distinct “closets,” each adorned with unique decorations ranging from playful inflatables and extensive denim displays to engaging LED panels, provided attendees with numerous photographic moments.

Courtesy of Hugo Blue

In the real-world setting of the Berlin launch event, Swae Lee, the American rapper and Grammy-nominated songwriter, delivered a headline performance that shaped the night’s atmosphere. An exclusive customization zone further personalized the experience, where artists Rafaella Braga and Max Teutsch added unique touches to attendees’ HUGO BLUE items live. Additionally, all guests were gifted a HUGO BLUE denim tote, and select VIPs received a denim jacket featuring an iron-on flower badge with an NFC chip before the event, offering an enhanced experience on Snapchat.

Courtesy of Hugo Blue

The launch also served as the premiere of PLANET HUGO, a novel ecosystem on Roblox designed for unique, interconnected experiences. The first two 3D environments within PLANET HUGO, dubbed HUGO HANGOUT and HUGO FASHION MATCH, were introduced in a gaming zone that displayed a variety of immersive spaces across multiple screens.


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With a clear aim at engaging its Gen-Z audience, HUGO leveraged the launch event to explore gaming and Metaverse spaces as central elements of cultural engagement. PLANET HUGO represents a significant step in connecting with youth culture, embodying the brand’s commitment to innovation and self-expression through fashion and beyond.

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