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VINNIE HACKER is the GEN V star of the V Magazine’s 3rd zine edition simply titled GEN V – discover more:

VINNIE HACKER is the GEN V star of the V Magazine’s 3rd zine edition – Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V

Vinnie Hacker, the famed influencer with a staggering 15 million followers on TikTok, shines as the cover star of the newly launched zine, GEN V. Published by the renowned independent magazine, V Magazine, Vinnie’s captivating images were captured by the adept photographer, Jack Bridgland, while the sartorial expertise of Nicola Formichetti added the right allure to the frames.

Besides his undeniable presence on the social media platforms, Vinnie is also known for his modeling projects, represented by the global agency, IMG Models.

Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V
Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V
Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V

Going deep into Vinnie’s life during the interview with Evan Ross Katz, Vinnie shared insights into his career, his struggles with social media, and more:

Navigating a Digital World: When asked about describing his work to those unfamiliar with the social media realm, Vinnie commented, “That’s a really good question because it took a while for my parents to understand. I don’t really give them an exact description. I tell them that it’s the beginning of making your own path into something.

Transition to Modeling: Elaborating on his journey into the world of modeling, Vinnie mentioned his initial lack of confidence, especially regarding his teeth. “I was never really confident, especially with my teeth. As soon as I got my braces off, I signed to this agency in Seattle. It was slow for about two, three years and then I moved out to California and stopped being scared, scared to ask photographers, scared to ask brands, scared to ask about all that stuff. I just let it go.

Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V
Photo ©Jack Bridgland for GEN V

Challenges of Being in the Limelight: Discussing the most challenging aspect of social media, Vinnie said, “In the beginning, it was hard to be myself publicly. It was, “This is who you guys think I am, and I’m going to stick to that.” But then I realized it was not the right way to do it. That is the hardest part about it, finding yourself, staying yourself through all of it, and being able to show your true self to everyone.

The photoshoot and the accompanying interview offer a candid glimpse into the life of an influencer turned model, shedding light on his aspirations, experiences, and the journey ahead.

Interview Evan Ross Katz
Photography Jack Bridgland at SN37 Agency
Fashion Nicola Formichetti
Creative Director Stephen Gan
Editor-In-Chief Mathias Rosenzweig
DP Mynxii White
Makeup Sarah Tanno (Forward Artists)
Hair Bobby Eliot (The Wall Group)
Manicure Jolene Brodeur (The Wall Group) using Chanel Beauty

Discover the complete story on GEN V and order your copy on V Magazine’s web shop.


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