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LANVIN Names Actor Cheng Yi as Global Brand Ambassador

Merging tradition with modernity, LANVIN welcomes Cheng Yi, renowned for his roles in “Immortal Samsara” and “The Lost Tomb 2”.

The esteemed French fashion house, LANVIN, welcomes Cheng Yi as its first-ever Global Brand Ambassador. Representing the next generation of actors, Cheng Yi is not just a powerhouse in Chinese cinema but is also rapidly gaining acclaim on the global front.

Born on 17 May 1990 in Huaihua, Hunan, China, Cheng Yi has crafted a career marked by its depth and versatility. He’s celebrated for standout performances in films and dramas such as “Immortal Samsara” (2022), “Impossible” (2015), and the highly acclaimed “The Lost Tomb 2” (2019). His ability to resonate with audiences through varied roles has not only expanded his fanbase but also established him as a trendsetter in fashion, making his association with LANVIN all the more fitting.

Jeanne Lanvin founded LANVIN in 1889, setting the stage for a brand that would become emblematic of luxury, sophistication, and unparalleled craftsmanship. As the oldest French fashion house still in operation, LANVIN continually evolves, capturing the zeitgeist of each era while staying true to its French legacy. Today, as LANVIN endeavors to harmonize its rich history with contemporary flair, Cheng Yi’s induction is a testament to this vision, marking a deliberate stride towards engaging with a modern audience.

In a display of sartorial elegance, Cheng dons the Nano Pencil Cat Leather Bag, the Classic Lanvin Paris Embroidered T-shirt, and the Twisted Baggy Denim Pants, epitomizing the brand’s timeless aesthetic.

Cheng Yi’s alignment with LANVIN is a symbolic union of tradition and innovation. As the brand forges ahead, this partnership promises to illuminate the world of fashion with fresh perspectives while paying homage to its storied past.


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