FOrest222 by Armando Branco for Male Model Scene

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FOrest222 story captured by photographer Armando Branco now exclusively in Male Model Scene editorials features two fresh faces Hessel and Ben from FIC Models. Photographed in Rotterdam the story features the latest collection of up and coming Dutch designer Kevin Lam.

Grooming handled by Zuzanna Mandrysz. For more of the story continue below:

Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-02 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-03 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-04 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-05 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-06 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-07 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-08 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-09 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-10 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-11 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-12 Kevin-Lam-Armando-Branco-13
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