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Hyunjin Covers Harper’s Bazaar Korea December 2023 Issue

Sinae Kim captured the latest Korean Harper’s Bazaar’s cover story featuring k-pop star Hyunjin

Hyunjin Bazaar Korea
Hyunjin stars in Harper’s Bazaar Korea Magazine’s latest cover story photographed by Sinae Kim

Stray Kids member Hyunjin takes the cover story of Harper’s Bazaar Korea Magazine‘s December 2023 edition lensed by fashion photographer Sinae Kim. In charge of styling was Kim Hyejeong, with set design from An DoHyun. Beauty is work of hair stylist Hee Yoo, and makeup artist Jeon Ji Won. For the session k-pop superstar is wearing selected pieces from Versace.

Hyunjin Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Hyunjin is also the star of Versace’s Holiday 2023 campaign, a vibrant celebration infused with the distinctive attitude, elegance, and joy synonymous with the Italian luxury house. It is his inaugural campaign since being appointed as a Versace Global Brand Ambassador earlier this year. Hyunjin introduced the new Athena tote bags, bringing the iconic opulence of the House’s Barocco print into everyday life through styles crafted to serve as the perfect daily companion. He showcaseed Versace’s extensive selection for the festive season. The offerings include Barocco-ready-to-wear, luxurious high winter coats and jackets, impeccable eveningwear, and standout gifting items.

Hyunjin Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Hyunjin Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Hyunjin expressed that the Holiday season, as epitomized by Versace, is everything he desires – full of excitement, aesthetic allure, incredible sensations, and shared with good friends.

Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea
Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Photography © Sinae Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Korea


    • Why are you here if you don’t like both Hyunjin and Versace? Please spend your time bettering yourself.

      • Yeah it feels like Versace was only created for Hyunjin . He is the love of my life. Sometimes when i am sad or upset , i will try to see his photos. It feels like he is talking to me .

    • Feeling better about yourself now? Stamping out someone else’s bright moment won’t make you shine any brighter. Just be nice😐

    • The fact you took the time to create an account and comment this is so sad, please go do better things with your life instead of trying to bring others down.

    • Are you calling Versace a copycat brand? Of what? The Versace brand is an innovator in fashion with a rich, unique and bold vision of how a woman (and man) should look and feel. If this is about the model, well he isn’t boring enough, evidently, because he caught your attention and got you talking. Brands mark this as engagement.

    • I love Versace and of course Hyunjin Is perfect in Versace, the new Athena tote bags with classic Barocco inspiration!!

    • Get your BTS a** outta here girly, we get it you mad that you ain’t got that amazing beautiful look and that BTS ain’t on the cover page so SU. Anyway Hyunjin is amazing here please don’t hate on him or Stray Kids along with the STAYs here. <3

    • Please, you know that you would never say this if your fave was in this instead. (Fun fact: Your beloved ‘BTS’ can’t
      always win/come out on top on everything in this industry. It doesn’t work that way. You toxic Armys have to learn to accept it :)) Also, people like you are literally the reason why people don’t really like Armys. And (not trying to generalize but) then you toxic Armys wonder why the rest of the Kpop fandom world hates you, lol.

    • How hard is it to just take your tiny little finger and scroll past content you don’t like? Maybe you should go practice it. Did you post this thinking we ARMY were gonna agree with your idiotic nonsense?

      Saesangs like you are an embarrassment to ARMY and everything BTS believes in. As much as I love BTS… THEY CAN’T BE ON THE COVER OF EVERYTHING!!!! Plus some of them are in the military with the rest soon to follow. So you just better wrap your brain around not seeing them for a good while. And side note… the members that are not gone have more than likely reached and congratulated Hyunjin, and any other idol, that gets this kind of exposure.

      Shame on you! You need to go sit in a corner and reflect on where your parents when wrong… This ain’t it sis…

  1. Wow Hyunjin is indeed Versace prince his ROYAL aura is so strong that makes everyone think he is a prince and a royal person i am realy impressed and proud of my best idol Hyunjin ✨💜🤴

  2. Hyunjin looks absolutely stunning! His the perfect fit for Versace. Full of the Versace attitude, quite literally a Versace Prince, and his impact has knocked the ball of the the park! Donatella has immaculate taste. Thank you for this article. Can’t wait to see more of what’s to come for Hyunjin. So well deserved!

  3. Hyunjin and Versace are a perfect combination ❤️ I’m happy that the brand selected him with so much care and attention to be their ambassador and to lend the holiday campaign

  4. Hyunjin looks amazing, I’m glad he’s contracted to versace, they slay together, and the holidays campaign rocks.

  5. Hyunjin is unique, beautiful and full of love. He suits Versace so much. Such an elegant and perfect person as a model. Full of talents! ❤️

  6. Hyunjin is unique, beautiful and full of love. He suits Versace so much. Such an elegant and perfect person as a model. Full of talents!

  7. Hyunjin’s beauty and aura are really amazing, he’s so gorgeous and elegant in Versace 🫶 Versace prince Hyunjin

  8. Hyunjin’s journey with Versace is already very impressive despite him being announced as their global representative only a few months ago. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they would invest so much in him, considering that he boosted the brand’s sales significantly even before his ambassadorship. He’s such a good model too! Looking at both his campaign ads and this pictorial, you could really mistake him for a professional model. Hoping to see him fronting more Versace projects in the future. 👏

  9. So excited for the release of Harper’s Bazaar cover issue with Hyunjin! Versace and Hyunjin’s campaign are really doing well 🙂

  10. So excited for the release of Harper’s Bazaar cover issue with Hyune! Versace and Hyunjin’s campaign are really doing well 🙂

  11. Hyunjin looks amazing. Versace is such a great brand. Made an amazing choice making him their gba!! Beautiful human being inside and out.

  12. The best brand matches perfect with the best idol everything is unique and amazing thank you Hyunjin, Versace and HarpersBazaar 🫰👌✨💜we love you

  13. Hyunjin slayed this!! The visuals ❤️❤️❤️. I bet bitter haters will say negative things as expected..very immature. They’re born to hate, I pity you 😭.

  14. Congratulations to Versace for having Hyunjin as their GBA! Hyunjin and Versace are truly a match made in heaven. To more covers for Hyunjin and more campaigns with Versace. ❤

  15. Hyunjin best of the best! And Versace amazing!
    Люксовый бренд с топовым артистом. 🔥🖤

  16. Hyunjin’s beauty and elegance in Versace is truly breathtaking. When you add his heavenly visuals to the mix, it’s pure perfection. Hyunjin and Versace together are a match made in fashion heaven!

  17. Versace did their most right choice assigning him as their global ambassador i’ve never seen a campaign as successful as this one apart from bts and blackpink, its a big win for Versace and they absolutely know it.

  18. Hyunjin and Versace are a wonderful match
    While both give off rich, luxurious, opulent vibes , they can never be mistaken as frivolous or ornate. Hyunjin is as influential to the music industry and Versace is a beacon and iconic to the fashion world.

  19. Hyunjin and Versace are the perfect match! Can’t wait to see Hyunjin’s incredible photos in Harper’s Bazaar💖

  20. Elegancia y alegría es lo que transmite nuestro príncipe. Gracias por el artículo. Me gusta Versace porque es grandiosa. Expresa la moda de una manera muy atractiva, resalta la originalidad, el arte la cultura. Y por lo que veo ahora que tienen a nuestro bebé de embajador, que lo tratan de verdad como si fuera de su familia. Eso es algo muy lindo

  21. He looks so good, thank you for such an incredible photo shoot, and explaining the style and ambiance of the clothes!

  22. Hes unquestionably a star.. hes stunning, sweet, and talented. Hes everything kpop and celebrities in general have been missing into one person. Excited to see more of him

  23. Hwang Hyunjin and Versace are a perfect match. Hyunjin has a unique vibe, Versace is a brand that comes with timeless and original designs.

  24. He looks so expensive. Versace looks more luxury than ever, the styling and Hyunjin himself is so good looking, he’s stunning! Definitely gonna get this magazine for me, it’s a must have!

  25. Literally rock and royalty! Hyunjin literally radiates a Versace attitude! I admire the way he shows off this collection!

  26. Hyunjin looks so wonderful! I love the contrast between the black and the bright yellow-green colors. The stylist did a beautiful job!

  27. I love seeing Hyunjin from Stray Kids in the Harper Bazaar’s magazine covers. He truly knows how to present himself and his global ambassadorship role for Versace in the best ways! I can’t wait to get this in my hands! Gorgeous photography by Sinae Kim! Bravo!

  28. Hyunjin always amazed me with his pictorials, the face , the body language ,one of the best model i’ve ever seen

  29. Hyunjin est l’idole K-pop la plus charismatique que je connaisse. Bravo à lui et à Versace. You rock it !

  30. These pictures are amazing, and Hyunjin is the best ambassador any brand could have, ha doesnt’t just wear the clothes, he makes them look wearable too

  31. Every time I see Hyunjin I have to remember myself that even himself it could be considered art, he is actually a singer, rapper, writer, producer, plastic artist and over all an out of this world Dancer, I really hope all this amazing collaborations lead people to know who he fully is because he deserves to be recognized as the star he is, I am so happy, thank you so much for this amazing photoshoot ✨🌟✨ pl

  32. I love how Versace and Hyunjin complement each other. The outfits are looking amazing and he has the Versace attitude indeed.

    • Says the person who can’t even spell ‘Kill’ properly, like, if you’re going to hate on someone, at least spell things properly. Also, try being more creative with your insults, no?

      • Let’s just enjoy the fact that they were so bold with their idoicy that they provided their real name to tag with it lmao.

  33. Sorry but you all guys are dilusional! VERSACE paid for this cover… if it wasn’t paid for he would never get it.

  34. He’s the epitome of beauty ,he’s aura is so pure I love how he can pull anything off with style and elegance be it music dance or pictorial….I’m proud of you jinnie

  35. EVERYONE STOP HATING ON HIM!! Idols are also humans and deserve to be treated like human. I don’t care you don’t listen to kpop but stop hating on the person. You know there are idols who killed themself becouse of this. So shut your mouth and leave Hyunjin alone. He did nothing to you.

  36. Oh, Hyunjin is a vision of beauty and grace in Versace. His godly looks only enhance the perfection. Hyunjin and Versace make an unbeatable duo!💜

  37. I like Hyunjin because he looked macho back then.. Bur now with eaerings???

    그땐 현진이가 마초같아 보였기 때문에 좋아해요.
    그런데 지금은 귀걸이???

  38. Why are ppl hating on this? Hyunjin deserves it OKAY?!?!
    I’ve been an ARMY since 2014 and a STAY before they even debut. Real ARMY wouldn’t hate on other kpop idols that deserve to shine just like them tsk

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