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Exclusive interview with CONRAD BROMFIELD for our latest MODEL TALK section along with a shoot from JULIA SARIY.


Top Model CONRAD BROMFIELD sits down to talk with us about favourite jobs, that legendary cover with Pat Cleveland and future plans.

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See more of the shoot + read our exclusive interview with Conrad below:


How are you doing Conrad?
At the moment feeling amazing enjoying life and the time I have here!

As a model you are always on the move. Where do you call home for the most part?
So right, I have been a nomad at heart since I was a child, but New York is the place I spend most of my time in. 

Was modelling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?
Creating beautiful moments through film my first passion modeling kinda caught me off guard, I didn’t really think it was possible to get into.

When you first started modelling, who did you look up to? Did you have a role model in the industry?
No one per say. I would hear about Tyson Beckford and see him in movies. But also Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Do you recall your first shoot?
I remember being called Mr. One week.. after telling the team on set that I only started a week prior! How much I was serving and Face!


What’s the best piece of advice you have gotten?
Fashion is a fantasy!

What does your career do for you?
It highlights the socialite in me, creates a universe I can truly be my self, recreate and create captivating moments that inspire people to just at least try.

You have been featured in several ad campaigns for major brands like Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger etc.. What is your favourite campaign you have been in and the most challenging one?
This is like asking a tiger which one is it’s favorite stripe. Tough to choose. Honestly I am just happy and grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

What’s your most memorable shoot?
Most challenging one would be Tommy Hilfiger being on the side of a mountain in underwear in winter time whilst having a cloud of sleet approaching.

You starred alongside the icon Pat Cleveland in a Cover story for Numero Russia shot by Tom Ford himself. We’re absolutely obsessed with it. Tell us more about it. What was your reaction when you found out the concept? What was it like to be part of it?
That was super surreal! Just to be in a room with such power forces in personalities like Pat Cleveland and Tom Ford. One of the deciding factors on why I continued to be a model up until this point. The stories! The way they conducted the room, just remarkable. As for the concept. At first to shoot naked was a bit nerve racking up until I realized that I had to get out my head and own my moment.

Your dream modeling job?
Every single job ever! I jest. Dream job to do something for Armani one more time.. and get one Fragrance campaign I wanna smell good too you know.


What have you learned from the fashion industry?
I’ve learned that fashion is indeed a fantasy, it’s everyday moods with a Gucci tag.

So, what do you want to see change in the fashion industry?
Wouldn’t mind seeing more structure, besides some names the majority of the fashion is all over the place.

What’s the biggest misconception about the male modelling industry?
That looks are everything… that everything will last.

What do you like to do when you have time off?
Travel, go to carnivals in Soca heavy Caribbean countries with friends. Anything with VR.. and get as much rest.

Your personal passion or hidden talents?
Hidden talent you drop the beats I’ll freestyle sensible for days. The other hidden talents are still hiding.

5 facts about you people may not know:
I’m from New York City. Jamaican heritage
Own a mechanic shop in Brooklyn
First black man to walk for Gucci
Would love to travel to the moon
Collect rocks from each country I visit.


How would you describe your personal style, Where do you get your inspiration from?
Super free and easy.. from all the stylist I’ve gotten the chance to work with. At the top of my list Jim Moore, Mike Stallings, And Mother dopest influences.

“Just to be in a room with such power forces in personalities like Pat Cleveland and Tom Ford. One of the deciding factors on why I continued to be a model up until this point.”

What do you do to stay in shape?
Traveling is my favorite time to work out whether it’s lifting my bags or just keeping on the go. Once in a while I’ll go to the gym. And I got a little bit of the youth elixir in my back pocket so, I eat whatever makes the tummy happy

Do you have any beauty routine you stick to daily?
Ordinary products are gods way of keeping us beautiful!

What Instagram accounts motivate you?
Dwayne The Rock Johnson, for strength; Will Smith, for the creative wisdom; And my self to remind my self to never give up.

Name three places that you want to travel to.
I would love to travel to Bora bora, Spain and  Nigeria

What’s on your current playlist?
My favorite rapper Jay-M – The Legend; Vybz Kartel – Mr Bleach Chin; Roddy Ricch – Ballin; Sammy Davis – I Got To Be Me; Justin Bieber – Yummy and The Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin- RITMO


How has your life changed in the last year?
For the best there are some close people to me I lost but I know they are with me and I have to live fully for them and the ones I love around me.

What’s next for you?
More charity work.Spreading more love travelling to place that need help, giving as much as I can to do my part to make help people feel they aren’t alone.

“I’ve learned that fashion is indeed a fantasy, it’s everyday moods with a Gucci tag.”

If you weren’t a model what would you be?
Somebody’s accountant doing a bunch of people’s tax, or a genius inventor of jackets and hats that heat from inside. Or Travis Scott!

In 5 years where do you hope to see yourself?
Seeing my self in some movies or in a director’s chair would be nice.. also on the cover of MMSCENE with love!


Keep up with Conrad on Instagram @conradbb

Photographer JULIA SARIY –
Stylist MIKE STALLINGS – @mikestallingsny

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