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The holiday month draws close to end and we single out some of the best instagram moments with stars such as top model Garrett Neff and singing sensation Shawn Mendes. 

moritz hau

Joining Garrett Neff and Shawn Mendes in the best of December Instagram moments are entertainers, top models and faces to watch. 

We wrap up the month as well as the decade with Christian Hogue, Garrett Neff, Jonathan Bellini, Toni Mahfud, MMSCENE cover stars as Elliot Meeten, Manu Rios,and Xavier Serrano. Joined by fresh faces to watch Nicholas Kodua, Austin Mitchell, Conan Gray, and Diego Barrueco to name a few. 

Scroll down for more of IG’s best moments in December: 

garrett neff

As much as I love traveling, nothing beats being at home for the holidays and keeping it comfy with friends and family. Including, of course, the furrier members of my pack… Swipe to see what I look forward to most when I’m lounging around during Christmas 🙂 And check the links in my stories to shop this comfy look for yourself and loved ones.” @gwneff

austin mitchell

You are the only person who can mold yourself. If you want to be fit, you are going to have to get up and do something active. If you want to be smart, you are going to have to study to retain knowledge. Things like this don’t just fall into your hands, be the person who sets their own standards of greatness.

8 sets of 10 superset between; Squats & Deadlift – 3 x 10 superset between
Shoulder press & roll out abs 3 x 3 minutes tire lifts X 6 x 400 meter runs” @sweetlifeofaustin


elliot meeten

#WinterShred” @elliotmeeten

victor perr

Favorite view” @victor_perr

conan gray

guess he ain’t pass the vibe check” @conangray

xavier serrano

Sweat and sea ?” @xserrano9

christian hogue

Stop by I’m Selling Sweets ?” @christianhogue

manu rios

mex, 2019” @manurios

nicholas kodua

cafe date anyone???” @nicholaskodua

shawn mendes

“??” via @shawnmendes photo © @thomasfalcone

toni mahfud

Everything, in time. #25 #birthday” @tonimahfud

keith powers

Where the yappppstickkkk” @keithpowers

malik lindo

“blank pages” @maliklindo

jonathan bellini

Chega aquele momento em que você encontra a paz interior, e além de buscar ser melhor a cada dia, quer apenas ser feliz.. | Quase no finalzinho dessa etapa do ano de 2019, e o que de bom aprendemos? É muito bom o crescimento no trabalho, a conquista de algo desejado, os passeios, mas nunca se esqueça do seu crescimento como pessoa, sua compaixão pelos outros, seu amor e admiração por esta linda vida ???? #SpreadLove #SpreadPositivity” @jouubellini

diego barrueco

a jungle in Sydney?” @diegobarrueco

moritz hau

Flower Boy?” @moritz_hau

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