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Discover our exclusive MMSCENE Spotlight featuring Jed Munro captured by Pat Supsiri

Latest in MMSCENE’s Fresh Face spotlight series is Jed Munro from Chadwick Models in Sydney. Jed was photographed for the series by photographer Pat Supsiri. For the shoot Jed is wearing Balenciaga, Vetements and gloves by Fox Racing.


Scroll down for more of our shoot with Jed Munro and a Q&A with this promising fresh face:


How were you discovered?

In late January 2022, my longtime neighbour Melanie bridge and I did a shoot in my childhood home back in Auckland, NZ. Mel is an extremely talented director and photographer and we finished my first portfolio photos in little over an hour- next thing I knew my mother agency reached out to me through her, and I’ve been modelling full time ever since.



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Besides my lifelong love of literature, my passions are my music and my studies into ancient history and anthropology. Ever since I started my journey into music I’ve felt my artistic and creative brain just go into overdrive, and I’m glad I get to express that through modelling.


Did you ever thing or considered becoming a model?

I never would have thought about it- I’d been approached about signing to agencies overseas when I was younger, but I never really thought I had the look for it.



What’s on your playlist?

Lots of psychedelia, garage rock, and indie stuff, but I love exploring all genres and pride myself on how weird and varied some of my playlists are. folk, world music, metal, all that sort of stuff. My favourite artist and biggest inspiration for quite a while has been the Australian neo-psych band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.



With who would you like to work in future?(Photographer/ Model/ Brand)

Ever since shooting in some of his pieces in a shoot, I’ve wanted to work with yohji yamamoto-  the bizarre silhouettes and textures of his work tick all the boxes in my brain.


What do you like to do in your free time?

If I’m at home, more often then not there’ll be a guitar in my hand. Otherwise I love to spend my time cooking or reading, or wandering around Sydney with my 35mm.



Can you describe to us your perfect outfit, in which you feel like a superstar?

Probably a long coat with matching pants, anything high necked and some leather shoes- I love the feeling of sophistication contrasted with a more grungy vibe. Anything layered or with an interesting and weird shape. I’ll always take a chance to wear something completely outlandish.



Who do you admire or look up to as a role model in fashion industry?

Apart from the other models I’m lucky enough to work with, Junko Shimada. The way she still draws from her childhood and daily life in all of her new collections, while maintaining her completely unique vision of her art.


Photographer: Pat Supsiri – @patsupsiri

Model: Jed Munro at Chadwick Models@jedobededo


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