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GIFT GUIDE: Selecting a Designer Watch for Women

The watch has seen many eras and modifications to reach its present form, which offers something for everyone. The simple time measuring device has now incorporated a plethora of other features; especially if it’s designed for women. That means a watch is merely not a timepiece when the wearer is a woman. In fact, it’s a piece of an ornament. From design, details to style and functionality, today women need a watch that offers everything.

That is one of the reasons why designer watches for women are growing in demand day by day. Only a luxury watch that is created by a designer can contain that exclusivity and exquisiteness that makes a style statement. As mentioned earlier, a watch is just not a timepiece; for some women, it has replaced jewelry. Plus, it reflects social status, your individuality, and the importance of time in your life.

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With that being said, there’s a wide variety of designer watches for women available in different style materials, and brands. The greater the number of designers, the more difficult it is to choose a watch. However, there are certain facts that remain consistent regardless of what designer you choose to wear. It’s important to consider these factors no matter how reliable the brand is.

Factors to consider before selecting designer watches for women:

1. Style and Type of the Designer Watch

Of course, both style and type of watch are important features when we talk about about buying designer watches for women. As it is meant for women, the watch must have a feminine touch and subtleness. There are classic shapes that have curvy and chic extraordinary dials, such as Nicolas Barth and Henning Koppel sunray dial.

The watches have an amazing traditional as well as modern touch. The type and style may vary, depending on your choice and personality. There are is a large collection of jewelry watches, trendy watches and functional timepieces by different designers. Some of the high-quality brands like TAG Heuer and Casio use valuable metals in their watches such as platinum, pearls, diamond, and gold. All you need is to consider the type and style that suits you best before buying a designer watch.

2. Material of a Designer Watch

There is no doubt that choosing a designer watch that is made of high-quality material saves you lots of money as these watches tend to last long. There are numerous materials that some of the top designers like Rolex and Vivianna use in their watches. Rose gold, stainless steel, diamond, and platinum are the materials in high demand and are widely used in women watches for a uniquely feminine look. No matter what designer you select, the material should be both durable and practical.

3. Watches With Right Movement Type

Women watches come with various movement types in which quartz and mechanical are the most common ones. It is one of the important factors when buying designer watches for women because of features like reliability and practicality. The latest the mechanical movement of the watch is, the less maintenance it requires. The watch that’s designed with careful engineering can turn into an heirloom. It necessarily doesn’t mean that you should buy a watch that is pricey but the one that promises you high-quality mechanical performance.

4. Bracelet or Strap Watch

Many designers have beautifully combined women watches with bracelets to create a formal and classy look. But this influences the cost of the timepiece as bracelet watches tend to be expensive than simple strap watches. That is what makes considering the strap type of watch an important factor while buying a designer watch for women. Watches with leather straps also give an incredibly stylish look such as Henning Koppel’s leather watch collection, which is utterly exotic.
Does you Watch have a ‘WOW’ factor?

This is something that distinguishes an ordinary watch from a designer watch. A watch becomes an exquisite accessory when it is carefully engineered and incorporates details. From dial decorations to performance excellence, everything adds a WOW factor to watch. In other words, there is no point of spending thousands on your watch if it there’s nothing to make it unique and exclusive.

Final Thoughts

To a small extent, these five factors are essential to consider before buying or selecting a designer watch for women. Make sure you go through design, mechanics, and the X-factor to make an informed decision.

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