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How To Dress Fashionably In A Designer T-Shirt

Here are some few tips to take into consideration when wearing a designer t-shirt;

How To Dress Fashionably In A Designer T-Shirt

The classic t-shirt is an essential staple in every man’s closet. This wonder garment is versatile and relatively affordable compared to other fashion pieces. Designer t-shirts are a current trend in men’s fashion especially the Fendi t-shirts which can easily be paired with almost anything in the closet. This means that they can be worn in countless ways for different occasions. The rule of thumb when wearing t-shirts is to keep it to always keep it simple. This being said, here are some few tips to take into consideration when wearing a designer t-shirt;


Truth be told, not everyone is built like Cristiano Ronaldo or Dwayne Johnson to effortlessly rock a t-shirt like a pro. Well, a muscled body would look impeccable in a t-shirt; lean bodied men can still rock them. For stout men with a bit of extra weight in the midsection, t-shirts especially fitted ones can look so unappealing. In this case, opt for oversized t-shirts with some graphics to conceal the areas that don’t flatter.

How To Dress Fashionably In A Designer T-Shirt


Fit is a core component of style. A good t-shirt ought to conform to one’s body shape as well as allow free movement of the body. It’s important to spend time at the store to make sure you bag a t-shirt that works for your body type. There are several ways to know if a t-shirt is of the right fit or not. A shirt shouldn’t feel tight around the chest and waist areas or reveal the outline of the stomach too much. The length of the shirt should be just right especially when raising the hands. The shirt shouldn’t expose your midsection or with sleeves that cover more than half of the biceps.


Designer t-shirts are made of quality materials to make sure that they are durable and have the right amount of stretch. Investing in quality designer t-shirts from respectable brands may cost more but their superior nature is quite evident. Cotton is by far the best fabric as it’s strong and has long fibers to ensure its soft and gentle to the skin. With plenty of designer dupes and knock-offs in the market, it’s important to always go for quality. Be sure to carefully read the labels on the t-shirt for proper wash and care.


Men normally don’t consider color when choosing what to wear. Nevertheless, dark or neutral colors work for most skin tones. A black t-shirt is a must and has a way of matching up well with almost anything in the closet. Plain white t-shirts on the other hand are used by many as undershirts during chilly weather. If you are a fashion-forward man, feel free to splurge on color to let out your fun nature.

How To Dress Fashionably In A Designer T-Shirt


T-shirts come in a variety of different designs and styles. The choice of one over the other depends on one’s preference. The crew neck style fits snugly at the neck and works for men with thinner frames. Those with round faces and broad shoulders should go for V-necked t-shirts that flatter their bodies giving them a slimmer look. The scoop neck style t-shirts are for men who are into rugged and street style looks.


The key to fashionably wearing a t-shirt is knowing where and when it’s appropriate to do so. Gone are the days when many events called for one to attend in a suit and tie. Nowadays, t-shirts are the go-to option for casual and laid-back events. They can be dressed up with tailored pants or dressed down with some joggers and a pair of sneakers. For office or formal occasions, one could wear a t-shirt underneath and cover with a blazer on the top to respect the occasion.

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