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It’s Time to Get in Style for Summer – Don’t Forget the Sunnies!

When it comes to accessories, along with bags, jewellery and scarves, don’t forget the sunnies!

Style for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and you are in all the shops choosing just the right fashions to complete your summer wardrobe. When it comes to accessories, along with bags, jewellery and scarves, don’t forget the sunnies! Not only will they help to round out the look you are going for this year but they will help to protect your eyes from those all-too damaging rays from the sun. (image from: The Gentle Man by Elena Kuznetsova for MMSCENE January 2016)

In fact, you don’t even need to spend a small fortune on eyewear because you can get designer sunnies on sale. Follow the fashion with designer sunnies and your look will be complete.

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53-620x802Lukas M. by Suzana Holtgrave

What Look Are You Going For?

Before shopping for eyewear, it’s important to consider what look you are going for. The wrong sunnies will spoil the effect so choose them carefully. Are you going for ultra-conservative, business professional, casual or bold like a street warrior? Big, flashy, oversize sunnies probably wouldn’t do at the office but small granny frames won’t work well with large dangly accessories so you really need to consider your wardrobe as a whole and the look you are after. Now it’s time to shop!

What to Look for in a Protective Lens

Perhaps this should be at the top of your list of considerations. The real purpose behind sunnies is to help you see in the dazzling light of the sun and also, and most importantly, to protect your eyes from UV radiation. Here is where you need to think carefully about how much time you will actually be spending outdoors. If you are going to be in strong sunlight a large portion of the day, especially on holiday, then look for lenses that have the maximum amount of protection.

Nick-Scherner-MMSCENE-Kimber-Capriotti-04-620x802Nick Scherner for MMSCENE Magazine by Kimber Capriotti

Know Your Choices

Lens choices you might want to consider are likely to be amongst the following categories:


Photochromic sunglasses are making a big return on fashion runways as well this season, featured in collections such as Dior runway but also the well known iconic sunglasses fashion house Police.

Which of those would give you the ultimate in protection whilst giving you that overall look you are striving for? Obviously polarized were invented to protect pilots’ eyes from sun in terms of sight when flying high, but today’s polarised lenses offer so much more in the way of protecting against damage from those nasty UV rays. Check out which type of lens offers the maximum protection for the type of sunlight you will be most exposed to and then it’s time to shop for style.

Choose Your Designer!

Since there are so many styles and designers to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problems matching your needs with your wants. You do need to protect your eyes with the right pair of sunnies but you don’t need to limit yourself to any one designer or style. Also, bear in mind that you can even have prescription sunglasses, so you aren’t limited there either. Some designers have more choices than others in the prescription selection, but with a large site covering all of today’s elite designers, you shouldn’t have a problem there either. It’s time to get in style for summer so don’t forget the sunnies!



Renan Corbani by Mauricio Montani