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Top Male Fashion Trends of 2018

Male Fashion

Each year, the fashion industry rolls out what it considers to be the hot new trends for that year. Usually, it’s the women that get the most innovative and stylish trends, but in 2018, that’s not quite the case. With the new year came new designs and the return of old favorites for men, this has led to some stylish looks that are set to last the whole year. Here are some of the best new fashion trends for men in 2018.

A Checkered History

Towards the end of 2017, wearing vintage checks or plaid was the big trend for women. However, as we entered the new year, this revival was starting to influence men’s clothing as well. You can now see checks in almost all areas of men’s fashion from trousers to shirts and even caps. For those who are new to checks, it is best to start off with one garment such as coat or trousers, then add other items as you begin to feel more confident.

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Male Fashion

What Suits You

Wearing a suit will never go out of fashion, they are still a necessary part of life whether it’s at a formal function or just for that important meeting. However, the new trend this year is what you can wear with your suit. For example, the turtleneck sweater is big on the scene again and mixing it with your suit gives you a classic, stylish, and sleek look. You might even get away with wearing boots if you aren’t going to a formal event.

Camel Colors

There is no doubt about what the color is this year, and that is shades of brown. The most stylish shade this year is camel so that those old camel hair coats can come out of the closet again. There is also the trend of mixing your shades such as a camel color for your trousers with a slightly darker shade for your jumper or shirt.

Male Fashion

Soft and Comfy

One thing that men can look forward to this year is the rise in comfort dressing. It means that you can go out in your best fleece, soft fur or suede and look like the height of fashion. The comfortable look is great for those who have a busy day ahead with their friends locked in a room, solving clues at Escape Room Atlanta for example.

Military Men

Military wear in men’s fashion isn’t new, but it has hit the trends again this year. It isn’t hard to see why; these garments are both practical and stylish which means they are always going to be a firm favorite. Shades of brown are mixed with khaki and army green along with aviator’s jackets and even officer style caps. Comfort and ease is the big feature with soft collars and simple fastenings to complete the look.

These are just some of the new trends to hit men’s fashion this year. You can also look at the 70’s and athletic elements for inspiration if you are still unsure of your new look this year.

Images: Ton Heukels by Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

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