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Find the best of Summer 2020 Instagram moments from male models you should already be following:

moritz hau
Photo ©Moritz Hau

It was an odd summer to say the least. But all of us found beautiful moments of connection however we could. Instagram as well was a reflection of this at best odd year, nevertheless some of our favourite male models have made the instagram look as summer taken as ever.

Don’t miss the must see Summer 2020 IG moments from models such as Alton Mason, Derek Chadwick, Edison Fan, Manu Rios, Sergio Carvajal and Tobias sorensen to name a few:


Manu Rios

“nap time” @manurios

Tobias Sorensen

“Mood”  @thesorensen

Alton Mason

“if i was an element; i’d be water my superpower would be teleportation; and the first place i’d teleport to is Namibia where the sand dunes meet the sea ?” @altonmason

Stefan Pollmann

“All the love for Mr. Smith ??…” @stefan_pollmann

moritz hau

“When I met you in the Summer…?? Are you Guys single or in a relationship right now?? Life is Strange. Sometimes you experience the craziest adventures and seemingly have the best time of your life, yet you never deeply feel fulfilled. Other periods appear much simpler on their surface but are much more formative and impactful to your personality and well-being. What is Happiness? Well, I guess that’s something everyone has to find out for oneself. But make sure not to be blinded and misguided by false hopes and desires, sometimes deviating from your initial route will lead you to true and profound satisfaction?” @moritz_hau

Juan Marcel Rivera

“my caption is on the back of this shirt…” @juanmarcelrivera

Edison Fan

“Who is the fairest of them all?” @edisonfanye

sergio carvajal

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward ?” @sergiocarvajal7

jay alvarrez


shawn mendes

“One day on tour somewhere” @shawnmendes

zsombor hajdu

“Gemini season ?? what’s your star sign? ?” @zsombor_hajdu

addis miller

“A smile a day keeps the doctors away ??” @addismiller

rafa miller

“Cheat day at the Louvre with the bro @corentinhuard ? Waited an hour for those burgers ? they were not even good !” @rafaelmiller

derek chadwick

“no lie i was thinking about cinnabons” @derekchadwick

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