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Alton Mason: Art of Elegance in GQ’s December Showcase

Alton Mason is back in the spotlight this time with his cover of GQ France’s HYPE Edition:

Alton Mason
Photo ©Marcel Nestler

For male models a cover story of GQ Magazine is a truly significant event, and Alton Mason just landed himself the first GQ HYPE cover photographed for the French edition. Captured by the lens of photographer Marcel Nestler, the spread is a series of visual narratives that speak to the sartorial elegance and the undeniably captivating presence of Mason. This edition also celebrates the magazine’s annual GQ Men of The Year awards.

Mason, renowned for his versatility and dynamic expression, is styled by Victor Vergara, who skillfully mixes textures and silhouettes to create a striking impact. The selection of all-black outfits oscillates between classic and avant-garde, with each ensemble befitting the aesthetic that GQ has refined over the years.

Alton Mason
Photo ©Marcel Nestler

The cover shot is a culmination of Mason’s commanding presence and the editorial’s theme. Seated on an antique chair, his posture is regal, his gaze direct. The oversized coat and the statement boots are reminiscent of a modern-day sovereign, an embodiment of the “Men of the Year” title bestowed upon him.

Photo ©Marcel Nestler
Photo ©Marcel Nestler

Mitchell Cantrell’s work as a hair stylist is pivotal, ensuring that Mason’s natural hair texture is not just preserved but celebrated as part of his identity, adding an additional layer of authenticity to the narrative.

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Represented by IMG Models worldwide, Mason’s global appeal is undeniable, Mason today easily ranks as a top model, balancing his spotlight between acting, influencing and modelling.

GQ HYPE – December 2023
Photographer: Marcel Nestler
Fashion Editor Victor Vergara
Hair Stylist Mitchell Cantrell
Model Alton Mason at IMG Models (London, Paris, New York, Milano, Los Angeles, Australia)

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