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WEEK ON INSTAGRAM: Ton Heukels, Lucky Blue, Jay Alvarrez…

ton heukels

Keeping up with must-follow guys on Instagram, from vacation spots to perfect lighting – see what Ton Heukels, Simon Hamidavi, Tobias Reuter, Lucky Blue Smith, Devin Truss, River Viiperi, Jordy Baan, Jonathan Bellini, Jay Alvarez, Edison Fan, Leif Erik, Austin Scoggin and Lucas Garcez.

More of last week’s Instagram round:

simon hamidavi
“What a coincidence that I just stood in this perfect ab-shaping light? #coincidence #candid #lel #digitals #updated” @simonhrm

tobias reuter

“Favorite place in #la ?” @tobiasrtr

ton heukels
“If you ever forget your sunblock, just wear a giant hat instead” @therealtonheukels

lucky blue smith

“hair is getting out of control..” @luckybsmith

devin truss

#Compready2018 #bodybuilding” @devintruss

river viiperi

“I’M DONE!! ???? “One of the greatest feelings is accomplishing something that you once thought was impossible” ??” @riverviiperi

jordy baan

“Istanbul whats up?” @jordybaan

“Heyy, i just wanted to wish you a happy and blessed weekend! Smile ? / Ei, só queria te desejar um final de semana feliz e abençoado ?” @jouubellini

“Whaaats up guys ???.. Just casual pic from one of those crazy times in thailand ?.. anyway this Sunday I’m dropping the first video of my new series of chapter videos called “Jay In The Simulation”.. It’s a montage of the last couple years of my life + a short bio about myself & how I started off.. The video is raw & real & true to my soul. I’m excited about what’s to come ???Hope you will all enjoy my short story ???” @jayalvarrez


“My name is Leif Erik Offerdahl. I am 23 years old. I grew up in a small town, Eagle River, in Northern Wisconsin, population around 1,500. I moved out to California almost 2 years ago in pursuit of a dream. Didn’t know what that dream was, and still don’t exactly know what that dream is… All I know is that the time I’ve spent out here has shaped me into a better man, and my experiences, good and bad, have given me the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have met some of the most amazing people on this journey! I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be alive, to be breathing, to be human. Life is just beginning. It is beginning every day.”  @iamleiferik

“What does everyone think about my new phone case?? #physiqueupdate” @austinjscoggin

“Today I completed my 25th orbits under the sun. ? For the past year I’ve faced many challenges in my life. Started from my knee injury which effected a lot of things that changed my life. I was not able to do a lot of things that I love and enjoy doing but I started to appreciating other things that also matters in life. Sometimes plans and dreams don’t work out the way we planned because life always have something better in store for us. Bob Marley once said: “ You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”
I am extremely grateful for all the experiences I’ve learned this past year. As for my family and friends (the old and the new ones) who has been supported me through the toughest journey I experienced: THANK YOU ? … Remember that always to trust the Universe because everything happens for a reason. Live life at it’s best and always dream big. Do whatever makes you happy because life is just awesome. ?Only if you believe it. “A winner is a dreamer that never gives up! “ Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! Peace and love to all ?” @lucasgarcez93

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