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MMSCENE Magazine Model Talk With LUIGI DI BONA

Luigi Di Bona is one of the promising fresh faces at the much talked about 3MMODELS agency who launched to the scene top model names such as Alessio Pozzi and Jing Wen. For MMSCENE Magazine January 2016 issue Luigi was photographed by Giuseppe Vitariello, with makeup from Sara De Vergilio and Hair Styling by Emanuele Garofalo, assistants Donato Losurdo, Francesco Fidati and Laura Grande.

Luigi talks Dolce & Gabbana, Food and studying for a dentist after the jump:


How were you discovered?
I was discovered in Facebook by scouts at 3mmodels.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as sporty or simply said casual.


What’s no fun?
Boring people of course.

Your Dream modeling Job?
I would love to one day get cast to shoot a campaign for Dolce&Gabbana.


What are you up to these days besides modelling?
I go to the University of Caserta for Biology and that keeps me pretty busy.

Which cities do you spend the most time in?
Caserta, my home town.

What is your downtime like?
On my free time I like to workout, and play soccer.

What do you enjoy the most in life?
I love to eat, so I quite enjoy food.

Have you set any objectives for yourself in regards to your life and career?
Besides modeling one day I I want to become a dentist.

Name three places that you want to travel to.
I would love to go to Amsterdam, Dubai and Kenya.


What’s on your current playlist?
Mecna, Pino Daniele

What are your beauty essentials?
I always make sure I sleep enough for the next day, I usually sleep about 8 hours.

Name the famous person you’d most like to meet?
I would love to meet Belen Rodriguez.

Ten years from now (you will be…)?
I’m going to school to become a dentist so hopefully in 10 years I’ll be one.


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