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Get That Stubble Trimmer and Achieve the Perfect Stubble for Your Face!

Surely you can maintain a sleek stubble which creates a sexy masculine vibe thus boosting your confidence whenever you are out and about

Photo ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

A man’s stubble was once treated as an undesired trait that was associated with neglect and bad hygiene. But now, a man’s stubble has now become a symbol of masculinity. By having that old reliable stubble trimmer, surely you can maintain a sleek stubble which creates a sexy masculine vibe thus boosting your confidence whenever you are out and about.

Even though the accepted norm in Western society during the majority of the 20th century, this was not until the 80’s where the 5’o clock shadow has become a fashion statement. It was George Michael who pioneered this designer stubble as it radiated a carefree image with a hint of a rebellious and masculine streak.

For many workplaces during the 1990s until the early parts of the 2000s, this stubble look was still unfit. This has only become almost acceptable during the beard’s renaissance as this was already accepted to be a fashionable and desirable look.

Photo ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

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Choose the Stubble before Using Your Stubble Trimmer

A man’s stubble is ideal if you are refraining from going full beard and not want to lose the babyface. By having a stubble, this creates the desired texture that helps in enhancing the features of a man like a beard. The stubble also helps in structuring the jawline thereby creating an angular shadow, especially on round cheeks. For those men who are suffering from skin irritation because of regular shaving, such can be greatly benefited when you are to grow a healthy 5 o’clock shadow.

The reduced frequency of shaving and by grooming the growth of the hair, this will be a great help in soothing the skin which is going to heal the skin in between the shaves.

Grab that Stubble Trimmer, Here is How You Can Create and Maintain a Sexy Stubble

The first thing that you need to do is to grow your bear out. You can avoid shaving for a few days in order to let the natural stubble grow for at least 3 cm.

Then, trim your neckline. You should trim it carefully thereby creating a line under your chin. Make sure that you keep your neck nice and tidy below the line. Then, trim the area of your beard below your cheekbones and then form a downward oval shape. You can also draw a diagonal line from the start of your sideburn up to the edge of the mustache. Now you will have to tidy up the area that is below your mouth.

You can now create your stubble by setting the stubble trimmer between 1 and 3 cm and then trim the remainder of your beard in an even manner. For you to be able to achieve the length that best suits you, you can do this by starting with longer setting and then moving the direction downward.

Now you can opt to maintain your stubble. You can do this by regularly trimming and shaving it so that you will be able to get that preferred length and also keeping it clean.

Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Stubble

Revising the stubble is going to require three to four days in order to keep the stubble’s structure and contours in check. It can also be left for long as it can quickly appear shaggy and then lost the calculated rugged appearance.

It is also important that you invest in skin and hair care products. This is so that you can exfoliate and then moisturize the skin that is located beneath the stubble and in order to make sure that the skin will still remain healthy.

Photo ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

The Right Stubble Based On the Face Shape

the specific requirements. It can even be used to redistribute the face’s proportions and this is now a gauge in emphasizing, hardening or softening the facial features of a man. Before you proceed with this section, you should already have the idea of how your face is shaped.

The Heart-shaped Faces

If your face is shaped like a heart, then it is most likely that you are suffering from baby face features. So, it is recommended that you do a 5 o’clock shadow so to create the aura of maturity. This will result in a layer of texture that means the experience will still retaining that symbol of a youthful complexion.

The Oblong-shaped Faces

If your face is shaped like an oblong, then it is highly likely that you are enjoying the benefits of a light coat thereby giving texture and adding emphasis to the jawline. If you have heavier stubbles, then this can be used to reduce the length of the face by just trimming it short below the jawline. This may still require some amount of experimentation in order to get the cut right, and it can even reduce the face length or even provide length with some of the designs available.

The Square-shaped Faces

If you belong to those whose faces are shaped like a square, it is recommended to maintain a light stubble. This will capture the pronounce features without having to risk overemphasizing such features. If you like to grow the stubble looker, it will have a softening effect to the face, however, see to it that the finishes are kept neat in order to avoid blowing it out of proportions.

The Diamond-shaped Face

If you belong to this group, then it can be a struggle to maintain a stubble, this is because the short hair growth can result in overly exaggerated angular features that are going to appear scruffy. By having a shorter stubble this can help in making the cheeks to appear hollower and keeping a pointed chin.

The Round-shaped Face

Having a stubble can be complex for people who have round-shaped faces. Although the light fuzz can be used in order to avoid the monotony of absent features, it still does not do much of redistributing the structure. By having a heavy stubble, this helps in offsetting the face thereby making it look squarer which can be achieved by keeping the sides trimmed. The stubbles should be monitored because the face contours are going to fade and this will soften the features when it is grown out.

Images by Jon Wong for MMSCENE


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