The Ultimate Beard Maintenance Routine

Beard Maintenance
If there is one go-to fashion accessory for men that is trending and hot, it’s the beard. While a mere decade ago the clean-cut, polished man may have been the epitome of professionalism and style in the workplace and on the red carpet, now-a-days a more rugged look is fitting for settings and lifestyles beyond that of the grunge band or skate park.

Beards can add an element of self-identity to any look and show colleagues that when it comes to work and play, you excel in both arenas. That is, as long as your beard is well-maintained and groomed to perfection. If you are striving for that signature bearded look to upgrade your style and freshen your persona, here are some key steps to follow for ultimate beard maintenance.

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What to Do Daily

? Beard Oil

There are sundry excellent beard oils on the market that work well for different types of hair and different beard goals. Some folks even opt to make their own beard oils to save some cash and personalize the oil to fit their unique needs. Whatever you choose, using a beard oil daily helps to prevent dryness and itching of the skin under the beard and promotes healthy growth. Plus, beard oils can replace natural oils lost during shampooing and seal in moisture. Do this morning, night, and after a warm shower.

? Beard Balm

Balm is best used sparingly, because a little goes a long way. It also may not be necessary for every bearded man. If your beard is brittle or you regularly have flyaways, balm can help strengthen and shape your beard for that all-day-long appeal.

? Beard Brushing

Brushing your beard with a high-quality comb or beard brush that is appropriate for your type and length of hair is essential to any grooming routine. If you aren’t sure where to go to find the right brush for your hair, here are the 5 best beard combs that are on the market today. Brushing your beard should be done every day, usually to finish up your beard care regimen and leave your hair shining and perfectly in place. Brushing stimulates natural oil production in your face that strengthens and adds glean to your beard, while simultaneously spreading any beard oil or balm evenly through your mane.

Beard Maintenance

What to Do Every Few Days

? Shampoo

Much like the hair on your head, daily washing strips away natural oils and can leave hair feeling dry, lifeless, and unhealthy. Every beard and face is different and will require a different washing routine, so listen to the secrets your hair is whispering and try out a few cleansing habits and products to find what works best. Some folks with tight beards can get away with using the same shampoo they use for their head on their beards, while others require beard-specific shampoo. Whatever your needs, make sure you rinse your beard thoroughly, so no soapy residue gets left behind.

? Condition

Conditioning is key when it comes to all hair, but especially with beards. That’s because beard hair is naturally more coarse and rough and needs a little extra loving in order to remain well-moisturized and full of life. Opt for conditioners with ingredients like green tea, essential oils, and vitamins to provide long lasting protection for the elements and keep your skin happy and healthy.

What to Do Every Week or Two

? Trim Your Beard

Even if you’re trying to grow out your beard to become your best, most masculine self, you still need to trim. Without any maintenance, beards can become unruly and the ends of your hair will begin to split and grow brittle. Ultimately, that neglect slows down the process of growing your beard and won’t catch any eyes along the way. Use grooming scissors to help maintain the desired shape and reduce strays. Or if you’re in need of a more serious clean up, go visit your local barber for that expert touch.

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