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JULES HORN sits down for an exclusive MMSCENE magazine interview with Editor IGOR CVORO to talk about getting scouted, healthy lifestyle and most memorable jobs to date.


Editor IGOR CVORO sits down with top model JULES HORN to talk about his modeling career, his daily routine, his fitness regime and ways to live a sustainable healthy life.

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Hi Jules, nice to have you at MMSCENE. Tell us something about yourself.

Hey guys, thank you for having me. My name is Jules, I was born in Germany and I have three sisters, one of them is my twin whom I’m very close to. I grew up in the countryside in Bavaria. I finished school when I was 16 and started working as an Industrial mechanic. I worked in that profession for 8 years before I Became a model.


Let’s talk about your beginnings in modelling. How were you discovered? Did you always want to be a model?

A friend of mine was modelling part time and she said I should try it. I never really thought about it before, but I liked the idea and just went with it.  Since I’m from such a small place, the chance to get discovered is very small. I sent out some snapshots and a small agency in Nuremberg started representing me. After a while I signed with a bigger agency in Hamburg and started traveling the world. Which I think is the most amazing part of the business, traveling and meeting amazing people.

Do you recall your first shoot?

Yes, I had a test shoot with a photographer and I had no idea what to do. I started posing and it felt sort of natural and the photographer was really happy. After that I knew I wanted to do it professionally, it just gave me a lot of joy and I really felt good by doing it.

For me it’s important to be real and honest. I’m a big believer in what you put out there will come back to you, the good and the bad. 

How did you experience the first job you did as a model?

My first job was for a small eyewear brand, I was super excited and I had a good time.

In your opinion, what have been your greatest achievements in your modelling career thus far?

Definitely to shoot with Bruce Weber the VMAN cover and to walk the Chanel show for Karl Lagerfeld.


What’s your most memorable shoot?

One time I shot with Bruce Weber for a calendar, I was shooting with 12 golden retriever puppies! That day I’ll never forget! [laughs]

Social media also plays an important part in your life. Aside from your personal profile, you’re managing your own wellness page @sustainable_healthy Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started and how you found your own voice in the space?

My passion for wellness and fitness started a few years ago, I studied a lot myself and read so many books. At one point I felt like it’s time to share my knowledge through social media. I just wanna help and inspire other people to become the best versions of themselves without having to do all the guess work I’ve done in the past. 

What is your strategy in building your brand? What message are you conveying to your viewers?

For me it’s important to be real and honest. I’m a big believer in what you put out there will come back to you, the good and the bad. I once read the quote: “The most selfish thing you can do for yourself is to help other people, because life will reward you hundred-fold for it”. I’m not saying I only help others or want to inspire people to get anything in return. What I want to say is that living in service for other people and our planet is the most important thing we can do to change the world to a better place again.


Nutrition is a huge part when it comes to getting the perfect shape and living a healthy life? If you could give one piece of advice to people wanting to improve their diet, what would it be? What are the main things to look out for when?

I truly believe that following a whole food plant-based diet, with the right macronutrient ratio depending on each individual’s goal, is the most powerful advice I can give. It’s so easy for me to stay in shape all year around, since I’m following this approach.

What was your motivation to start a plant based diet? What was the trigger?

I didn’t feel the way I wanted to feel, nor did I not look the way I wanted. The turning point was a shooting I had in Miami first week in 2019, I was not in great shape and felt uncomfortable between the other guys. The hair stylist was vegan and we talked all day about it. I returned to NYC the same day and started looking into veganism and came across a documentary called “Forks over knives”; I watched it and was so grossed out by the way the meat and dairy industry worked, that I decided overnight to become vegan.

What are, for you, the main benefits of it? What about the not so positive aspects?

It is the single most powerful way to save millions of animals, help mother earth to recover from all the damage we have done over the past decades and eating like this will transform your health and body in the way it should be.

I truly believe that following a whole food plant-based diet, with the right macronutrient ratio depending on each individual’s goal, is the most powerful advice I can give. It’s so easy for me to stay in shape all year around, since I’m following this approach.

Could you explain the key differences between a plant based and vegan diet to our readers?

Being vegan means you do it because you care about animals and don’t want any creature on that planet to suffer, therefore you don’t eat animal products. Plant based can also mean that you eat predominantly plants or plant focused and still have some animal products.


What’s your favourite recipe at the moment? Could you share it with our readers?

As some people who read this might have seen on my Instagram, I’m pretty much obsessed with overnight oats. I literally have them everyday and it makes me so happy.

The recipe is super easy:

1 cup oats, 1 scoop vegan protein, 1tsp cinnamon, a handful of raisins, 1 cup of plant milk // mix all together put in a bowl and store in the fridge overnight. Next day just add fruits and nuts of your choice on top and enjoy!

Fitness is also a key aspect in the life of a male model. How important is fitness to you, and what does your usual fitness routine consist of?

Fitness and being active is a big part of my life. I do something everyday, not saying I workout like crazy every single day but being active and moving is so important for my overall health. I mix things up weekly, I do different types of bodyweight training, I love pullups and gymnastic ring work, I go running or cycle on other days. I like jump ropes and add them into my regime as well. I personally don’t lift many weights and stick mostly with bodyweight movements.

What would you say is the key to the best possible workout results?

The best workout is the one you actually do, with that said, you always get results as long as you find a sport or a routine you can stick to and you truly enjoy.

jules horn interview

Do you have any beauty routine you stick to daily?

Cold showers are my beauty routine I stick to daily. I do them every single morning and I have to say it’s a game changer. I take a 7 min cold shower after that I’m set for the day. Don’t ask me why 7 minutes, I just came up with that number once and stuck with it. It’s super beneficial for skin, hair, immunity and overall health.

Your best-kept beauty secret:

I don’t really have a secret, but one thing I can say: You are what you eat. So how you fuel your body is a key factor of the way you look. Your skin is a mirror of your gut, so if your gut is full with trash food, the chance your skin doesn’t look great is very high.

What are your top 3 lessons from this journey?

  1. Always be kind to everyone
  2. Set goals for yourself
  3. Keep your head on your shoulders and eyes on the stars


What does a typical day in your week look like?

I get up around 6am (if I have an early call time then earlier); I always give myself 2h before I leave the house; I have a morning routine that includes: hydration, stretching, small workout / movement, cold shower, meditation, journaling, breakfast. It’s a lot but I love it and do it everyday! [laughs]

After I go to work, usually I have dinner around 7pm the latest and go to bed between 10-11.

What do you like to do when you have time off?

I like to hang out with friends, discover new places in the city where I am at that moment. Searching for new vegan restaurants and I love to go to health food stores and farmers markets.

Your personal passion or hidden talents?

I really enjoy cooking; especially cooking for other people brings me a lot of joy.

We all are just walking each other home, by living more in service for each other, this world will become a better place.

5 facts about you people may not know.

  1. I used to work as a mechanic
  2. I like to have a glass of wine or a beer with friends
  3. I do love sweets,I mostly stick to natural sugars but a vegan carrot cake is a guilty pleasure
  4. I used to play in a rock band 
  5. I was an altar boy 

Name three places that you want to travel to.

  1. Cape town
  2. Sydney
  3. Sweden

What’s on your current playlist?

I’m listening a lot to German house music lately. Fritz Kalkbrenner and Andhim are my fav right now. But it changes weekly, depending on the day, what I’m doing, and where I am.

What makes you happy?

Helping and inspiring other people and seeing their lives getting better.

jules horn interview

What’s next for Jules Horn? Any plans for the future?

I’m super happy with my life right now. I joined DNA models last year and it’s been awesome, I love the team, I get the best support and I’m super positive about the future. Currently I’m in Germany and really enjoying the time here. I just signed with Modelwerk in Hamburg and I’m very excited to work in my home country with amazing people. I don’t really plan too far in the future and I live in the moment, but one thing I hope to achieve is to inspire and guide more people into a vegan lifestyle, because I truly believe it’s the only way we can make a huge positive impact on the environment, planet, save so many animals lives, and it helps to let our bodies and minds evolve to the best. Living more mindful and being there more for each other will make a huge impact as well.

We all are just walking each other home, by living more in service for each other, this world will become a better place.

Jules Horn is represented by Modelwerk in Hamburg and DNA Models in New York – keep up with Jules on Instagram @jules_horn

Photography by Janina Hunger @janinahunger

Special Thanks to Jannik Paare at Modelwerk


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