Top 6 Men’s Jewelry Trends for 2022-2023

Continue reading for more ideas on men’s jewelry to get you through 2022 and well into the next year

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If you’re into fashion, you likely know how important accessories and jewelry are to polishing your look daily. You may already have an entire accessory collection, are looking for affordable ways to revamp your wardrobe, or are trying to get your vacation-ready outfits pulled together. No matter your reason for staying up or current jewelry trends, there are many options to choose from this year. From bandanas, pearl jewelry, and rectangular watches, keep reading for some men’s jewelry inspiration to take you through 2022 and well into the next year.


Even if you work from home, having a solid bag to bring out with you each day is a must in men’s fashion now. You can go with an oversized tote or a fannypack, but every guy needs something to house all his belongings while he’s out and about. From reusable water bottles (an accessory trend on its own) to your iPad, wallet, and even snacks, purses are no longer just for the girls. Investing in a high-quality leather bag in a timeless style is a smart move, but have fun playing with trends too.

Photography by ©Jay Tagle


There are no rules in the necklace game this year. From a fun pearl necklace to a turquoise squash blossom, adorning your neckline is sexy and draws attention to your face. The iconic and classic look of gold chains is worth the investment, and you can change out pendants on your chain to match your mood and outfit. When it comes to necklaces, you can’t go wrong, but if you haven’t started wearing one, let 2022 be the year you do.

Pinky Rings

For many men, their wedding band is the only ring they wear every day. However, this year, that mold is being broken with big, flashy pinky rings. You can opt for a classic gold or sterling silver signet with your initials monogrammed or go for something blingier. While once considered gaudy, the pinky ring returns to the trend with full force. If you’re not ready to rock an oversized ring, a smaller and simpler pinky ring can still make a big impact – even if it’s a simple band.


Just like other areas of fashion, Y2K jewelry and accessories are making a big splash. From crocheted bucket hats to fun jewelry pieces that almost look like candy can be seen on male influencers, stylists, and celebrities alike. While this trend may seem like it’s only for the young, it’s for the young at heart too! If you often gravitate towards fun colors and playful prints with the rest of your wardrobe, this jewelry trend is right up your alley.

Photography by ©Jay Tagle


Watches have long been considered a staple for a man’s wardrobe, but 2022 is the year to have fun with them. From oversized rectangular watches to the return of the pocket watch, it’s time to find some timepieces that match your aesthetic. While it’s tempting to wear your Apple watch every day for its convenience and many uses, consider switching things up with an old-school watch. A gold or silver watch can elevate even the most casual outfit, so buying one is worth the investment.

Tie Trends

While ties may not be considered jewelry, let’s call it a technicality. Like all great accessories, the ties have a way of setting the tone for the day and conveying so much about their wearer. This year, fun prints and bold colors are in when it comes to ties. Whether you want a traditional or bow tie is up to you, but let them be the pop of color to the rest of your outfit. If you don’t have a reason or desire to wear a tie, bandanas are another neck adornment that has been reclaimed and is having a major moment in the fashion world for men.

While you may not be on board with all the trends for this year mentioned above, it’s worth going outside of your comfort zone and trying some of them. Who knows? You may find a new addition to your signature style. Updating your aesthetic through accessories and jewelry is a fun and cost-effective way to switch things up and worth a go.

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