Tips To Follow When Purchasing Men’s Gold Necklaces

Follow these tips to be able to get the best necklace for you

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If you want to buy a necklace for yourself to wear with your everyday outfit, you need to consider a lot of things. Buying jewelry is not as easy as you need to choose the right piece to compliment and not overwhelm your looks.

Unlike women that jewelry, especially necklaces, are made to be the centerpiece of their whole outfit, men’s necklaces should be natural looking. You can follow these tips to be able to get the best necklace for you.

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Know What You Want

Before going to the jewelry store, first, you must know what you want. If you enter the store without a single hint of what you wanted and ask the attendant to help you decide which one to buy, it is a great opportunity for them to offer you the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the store.

You must set specific characteristics in your mind before going to a jewelry store. Characteristics like color, kind of metal, proportions of the jewelry, and the price. By knowing what you want, you can ensure to have a fast transaction and a good deal at the same time. Remember, you can choose the gold color necklace if you want. Gold can also be worn by men, not just by women.

Choose the Best Length

Most men prefer 50cm long necklaces. This is the average length of a man’s necklace as it perfectly falls just right at the collar bone. A necklace with this length will look good, whether it is placed outside or inside your shirt.

For a pendant necklace, the advisable length of the necklace chain is 55-63cm. This way, the pendant will hang right in the middle of your chest. It is also best to try on the necklace first to see if its length suits your preference.

Tips To Follow When Purchasing Men's Gold Necklaces

Test The Gold Necklace If It Is Real

Be aware of fake gold jewelry. They are everywhere nowadays. Pure gold can have a purity mark that serves as authentication, but that is not always the case. Gold jewelry can be falsely marked with higher purity markings. Testing the necklace would be your best option to ensure it is legit.

You can test the necklace using a magnet. Gold is a nonmagnetic metal, which means it won’t stick to a magnet once you put the necklace near a magnet. Second gold does not rust or tarnish, unlike aluminum, copper, or silver. However, you can not conduct chemical testing on jewelry inside the jewelry store, which is why a physical examination would be best.

Talk To A Trusted Jeweler

If you know a trusted jeweler within your area or you know one personally, talking about a piece you like would be best before making a purchase. Ask around your neighborhood or within your clan as they might know a professional jeweler that can help you with your purchase.

Gold necklaces and other types of jewelry are not simple things. These can be your prized possessions, and purchasing the right type, and the correct fit is very important. You do not want to waste your money on something that you can not use or wear.

Choose the Right Thickness

You should also look out when purchasing gold necklaces for men is the thickness of the chain. Its thickness will depend on its purpose. For example, if you are looking to have a necklace with a pendant, you should choose a chain that perfectly fits the pendant.

You can never put any pendant on a 12mm thick chain necklace, which is why knowing what you wanted in the first place is important. If you only wanted a chain necklace without any pendant, you can choose the thickest chain you can see.

Tips To Follow When Purchasing Men's Gold Necklaces

Taking Care Of Your Gold

And the last tip should be all about the aftercare of your gold necklace after you did all that was mentioned above and already purchased the best gold necklace for you available in the market, keeping it good as new would be your next goal.

If you purchased a high-karat gold, you must not use it often. Pure gold with high purity is soft and vulnerable, which using it frequently may break it. Additionally, during bathing, swimming, or exercising, you should take off your gold necklace first. Ensure that your gold necklace won’t get close contact with chemicals present in soaps, detergents, and in the swimming pool water.

Friction and brushing, and wringing can also damage your gold necklace quickly. If you are not wearing your gold necklace, store it properly in a separate box and make sure you wrap it individually in a cloth before storing it. By following these aftercare instructions, your gold necklace or any gold jewelry will surely last long.

Pairing Gold Jewelry with Other Accessories

There has been an old-fashioned rule that you should only mix-and-match gold jewelry items with other gold pieces. But we’re now in the modern day where people and jewelry enthusiasts are more straightforward and innovative when it comes to wearing gold accessories.

Now you can pair, say, stack on gold bangles with silver or platinum bracelets, adorn your fingers with gold-plated and jade rings, or pair your gold chain necklace with diamond studs.


If you invest in a gold necklace, it is best to get the perfect piece to get the best out of your money. Paying a high price and not getting the jewelry you deserve is a clear waste of money, time, and effort.


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