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SHAUN THOMAS Is DSCENE Magazine’s Latest Cover Star

Discover DSCENE Magazine’s November 2023 cover story captured by photographer Joseph Sinclair.

Courtesy of DSCENE Magazine

DSCENE Magazine has just unveiled its November 2023 cover story, showcasing the multifaceted talent of actor Shaun Thomas. Renowned for his roles in “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and “The Selfish Giant,” Thomas showcases the depth of his craft that has earned him a BIFA nomination for Best Supporting Performance in “How to Have Sex.”

Courtesy of DSCENE Magazine

Inside, the cover story unfolds through an intimate conversation with DSCENE editor Katarina Doric, where Thomas talks about the evolution of his craft, his approach to the complex character of Badger in “How to Have Sex,” and his hopes for the film’s impact on the conversation around consent. The nuanced portrayal of youth and the pressures of societal norms in Thomas’s latest work are given due attention, offering a narrative rich with relevance and insight.

Courtesy of DSCENE Magazine

Accentuating the actor’s narrative, the creative team behind the scenes plays a pivotal role in bringing the story to life. Photographer Joseph Sinclair captures this cover story, with styling from Holly Macnaghten and grooming by Nadia Altinbas.

 It’s very hard for young people, including myself, to navigate a path through life that’s organic and not influenced by social media. I never felt like I fitted in growing up and this led me to behave in a way that I thought would help me get by.

Courtesy of DSCENE Magazine

Set against the backdrop of Rose’s Pub in Woolwich, the editorial not only highlights Thomas’s artistic path but also touches upon the broader themes of identity, societal pressures, and the exploration of self that are often navigated by young adults today.

I just love being a part of great stories and getting the opportunity to bring characters to life. When choosing a project, I focus on the meaning of the story and what narrative my character plays.

Courtesy of DSCENE Magazine

DSCENE’s November cover story is a celebration of storytelling, through fashion, through film, and through the personal journey of Shaun Thomas—a beacon of authenticity in an age of ever-shifting cultural narratives.

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Photography Joseph Sinclair – @josephsinclair
Styling Holly Macnaghten – @holly_macnaghten
Grooming Nadia Altinbas – @nadiaaltinbas
Location Rose’s Pub, Woolwich
Interview Katarina Doric – @katarina.djoric

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