BEAUTY AND GROOMING: How To Smell Great As A guy

Smelling great is easier said than done – our beauty team talks fragrance, sweating and even bad breath:

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Smelling good is a great way to boost your confidence as a guy. Whether you are headed to that big marketing pitch or on a first date, the way you smell will leave a long-lasting impression on the people you are going to meet. Thus, you must smell great.

Whilst both men and women have similar ways to maintain good smell, some of the practices may differ. For example, you don’t want to show up for drinks with friends, smelling like your mother’s ocean mist fabric refresher. below, you will find some common yet ingenious ways to smell great as a guy.

Know What Causes Bad Smells And Odours

To tackle the issue of odors effectively, you must first know what causes them.


Sweat is the number one culprit to bad smells and odors. Although it is not single-handedly responsible for odors, it is a great breeding ground for bacteria. The decomposition of bacteria on your skin is what causes body odors. so having areas riddled with sweat such as hairy armpits, feet and hands encourage this activity.

When you go out to work or even shopping, these areas are normally covered by your shirts, jackets, and pants. thus, intensifying the decomposition activity. Remember, bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments.

Photo by ©Evangelos Rodoulis for MMSCENE

Physiological Differences

Ever thought that your husband sweats significantly more than you? Well, you are not wrong. Men are built to sweat more than women. This is because men are built with larger and more sweat glands. However, their sweating pattern is also influenced by genetics, diet lifestyle and even stress.

How Can A Guy Smell Good

With the above knowledge, there are multiple ways you can circumvent odor-causing factors to ensure you smell good at all times.

Use Shower Gel

You should always shower with a soap-free shower gel. This is because soap tends to propagate odor-causing bacteria. soap reacts with water to effectively wash off dirt however, due to its alkalinity, it raises your skin pH levels creating an ideal environment for bacteria growth.

So you want to avoid this. Using soap-free shower gels maintains your natural pH, thus, allowing you to smell good longer and fight off bacteria. Showers must be taken daily to ensure that you wash off all dead cells and skin as well as sweat residues.

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Use Shampoo

Sometimes the environment you work in may also affect your smell. if you work in a kitchen or factory that produces strong smells such as a tobacco factory, you may be a higher risk. If shaving your head isn’t a bad idea for you, then go for it.

Otherwise, make it a point to wash your hair with mild shampoo daily to rid your hair of the unpleasant smells. If you have oily hair, go for dry shampoo as it helps to absorb the oils and smells great.

Trim Your Hair

As mentioned above, hairy parts of your body great sweat and bacteria-harboring locations. You can help minimize this problem. Women can easily tackle the problem by shaving the hairs. Most women do it as part of their grooming routine anyways. However, as a guy, you shouldn’t

Develop A Grooming Routine

Yes. Even guys need a grooming routine. This includes steps such as showering, shaving, toning, moisturizing, applying aftershave and cologne. You should also use a deodorant. Antiperspirant deodorant is a great choice because it helps to prevent sweating. Apply it in the morning before leaving your home and during the day, if your routine is strenuous and physical.

To get the most out of your fragrances, ensure that they align. Try to get the same fragrance for your shower gel, deodorant, and cologne. And if that’s difficult, try to get notes that align. You don’t want to go for clashing fragrance unless you want people to avoid you all day.

In addition, try to invest in good quality fragrance products. Sure, it might be expensive, but remember you are investing in your personal brand. However, if you can’t afford it, save the money for the cologne and go for unscented shower gels and deodorants to prevent fragrance clashing.

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Learn How To Apply Cologne

To ensure your fragrance stays longer, you must also know how to apply them. Gushing your clothing with cologne will not make it last longer. Knowing how to apply cologne not only allows it to stay longer but is also an excellent display of your sophistication. Don’t splash a large amount on yourself either because this will only attract unnecessary attention.

Instead with a single or two splashes, spray your pressure points such as the neck area and inner wrists. This should be enough. And to prolong the effects, moisturize these areas with a little bit of Vaseline before you apply the cologne.

Tackle Bad Breath

Bad breath can sometimes be caused by underlying dental problems. If so, visit a doctor. However, sometimes, it may be caused by several other factors. This includes eating food with strong smells such as garlic or Korean food, staying quiet for a long time or even drinking coffee.

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Photo by ©Evangelos Rodoulis for MMSCENE

Wear Clean Clothes

Odor causing bacteria can also be found on clothes you have worn. This is because these garments will have sweat and other bodily residues on them. This means that undergarments are most affected. Thus, you should never wear undergarments and other cloths such as your t-shirts and pants twice.

Doing so will certainly put you at risk of odors. For outer clothing such as jackets and coats, you can always hang them out in a well ventilated area to freshen them. But if they are soiled, then you should wash them first before you wear them.

At least once a week, also wash other clothing elements such as pillowcases, sheets, and towels to eliminated all remnants of oils and dead cells. Simply use laundry detergent to clean your clothes. Avoid using fragrant fabric softeners and dryer sheets, unless you want to smell homey and feminine.

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