Top 10 Winter-Friendly Bike Accessories For Every Biker

Here are some easy winter-friendly modification tips for a better and more fun biking experience.

Winter is nearing, but that does not have to put an end to your regular biking expedition until spring. Cold weather, coupled with rain, does not seem to be ideal bike weather, but if you are willing to go out for a ride, you must know how to stay equipped with the right bike accessories for winter.


Cycling in winter can be made fun too. If you want to entertain this idea, you must take the necessary steps to make your bike more winter-friendly. In this article, we have curated ten bike accessories that will help you to bike easily and comfortably during winter and other seasons too.

1. Helmets

Most bike-friendly cities have dedicated bike lanes, but that does not mean that your safety is assured. Investing in a helmet is one of the first things you should do when you buy a bike.

A helmet is a multi-purpose accessory that enhances your road visibility when you are passing by other cyclists, vehicle drivers, and pedestrians. We assume you already own a nicely padded helmet, but if you don’t, you shouldn’t take your bike out without one.

Bike helmets for men, women, and children are easily available at online and offline stores. All you need to do is order online or find a good local bike shop near you!

2. Better Grips

Winter can be harsh in many areas, and it’s an absolute necessity for bikers to invest in better grips for their bike handles. Poor wrist posture can lead to injuries, despite the weather outside.

When you apply pressure on your wrists without the right support, you may cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Hence, purchasing grips to correct wrist posture can help a lot during winter, when muscle movement doesn’t come so naturally due to the cold air outside.

Julie Nagel

3. Gloves

This is a general winter tip for everyone commuting every day. For cyclists, it’s essential.

If it’s cold outside, you should make sure you wear gloves to keep your hands warm at all times. It is a preventive measure for numbness, and gloves help get a better grip on the handlebars. Furthermore, gloves have the additional function of protecting your hands from becoming sore. It’s an ideal accessory during winter, and we only advise you to buy cycling-specific gloves for the best results.

4. Hand Warmers

In some places, winter cycling requires much more. A pair of gloves doesn’t cut it, to be honest. In such cases, a hand warmer is a perfect solution to continue your biking routine. Hand warmers are excellent gear for warming up your body in minutes; sometimes, it’s the only motivation you need to get out in winter.

5. Bike Pump

Opt for metal pumps, a great alternative to plastic pumps, especially in winter. They are more durable, winter-friendly, does not cost a lot to keep your tires inflated. 

Pro Tip: Check your valve types before purchasing them, as their inflating power needs to match your road tires.

6. Bike Lights

Bike lights are a very important addition for wintertime. Winter days are short, as it has only a handful of hours, so biking around at nighttime is quite common among bikers. Venturing out during dusk is a wise solution, which means you must invest in a good set of bike lights.

Being able to see the road better should be at the top of your priority list. Plus, other bikers and drivers can also see you from afar, making it a mandatory safety measure.

Julie Nagel

7. A Bright Waterproof Jacket

A very useful accessory for bikers during winter is a bright waterproof jacket. Stepping outside with your bike requires a heavy-duty bike-friendly coat – hence a waterproof jacket. They are comfortable, and you can ride away without worrying about extreme cold weather or rain. Although, when you are choosing a jacket for biking, it’s important to pick a bright color for better visibility. Investing in a neon or reflective bib is a great way to combat any safety concerns.

8. Base Layer

Base layers are practical and convenient bike accessories for winter cyclists. Some may feel that they don’t need it, but once you get used to it and taste comfort in a whole new way, you’ll never go back to not wearing one again.

A base layer is multi-functional. It helps keep your body warm when you are biking, and if your body starts to sweat and you feel uncomfortable, you can remove the top layer and continue to cycle wearing just your base layer.

Base layers are fantastic for balancing body moisture as well. They wick away moisture, making you feel less sweaty, but keeping you warm enough to ride in wintertime.

9. Basket

Some bikers may disagree, as it may seem like a summer accessory. But to tell you the truth, a basket can also be supremely useful during wintertime. Baskets are versatile, and there’s no reason to lock them away when summer ends.

Baskets are ideally used for storage purposes, and you probably need them more during winter to store additional accessories, such as a coffee thermos, extra layers, etc. Another practical scenario is to feel the need to change into your leather jacket or additional winter clothes when you arrive at your destination; a basket can help you store that additional jacket of yours.

10. Bungees

When you have a non-lidded basket, you’ll need something to cover it with, and the word is bungees. If you don’t own one, now is probably a good time to explore your options. Don’t let the extreme cold weather keep you from enjoying your bike rides.

There are waterproof bungees that you can buy for rain protection as well You no longer have to worry about protecting the contents of your bike basket, as bungees aid in putting your mind at ease.

Additionally, neon bungees can improve your road visibility during nighttime bike rides.


Winter air is magical, and you should adequately equip yourself with the right accessories to help you through whatever winter has to throw at you and your biking plans.

If you take the right steps accordingly, you no longer have to worry about pausing your cycling endeavors. Lastly, don’t let the weather outside rain on your parade. Good luck!

Images by Julie Nagel for MMSCENE.

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