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CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY Spring Summer 2024 Collection

With SS24 Collection, Loverboy merges historical narratives with avant-garde expressions


Fashion brand CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY presented its Spring Summer 2024 Collection that merges historical narratives with avant-garde expressions, as part of the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. With each new period comes new questions, and some old ones remain unsolved. As people living under King Charles III’s rule, These New Caroleans, wonder how this new chapter in British history will be remembered and what changes it will bring. LOVERBOY offers These New Caroleans as a manifesto – a sartorial declaration of the brand’s intentions – embracing the radical force of queer futurity. Everyone wears the crown in this irreverent coronation. Charles Jeffrey wipes the slate clean this season, ready to rewrite it with a message of hope. LOVERBOY gained a new perspective on its feeling of place and identity after establishing a second home in Milan. LOVERBOY, as a British fashion house, strives to express the best of the country, fearlessly exhibiting its legendary, cosmopolitan spirit. Furthermore, LOVERBOY feels that the beauty of British fashion comes in its rebellious creativity and refusal to conform to authority, as well as in its celebration of individual expression.


LOVERBOY, who has a history of eclectic references, is now venturing into AI-assisted design, understanding that we are on the verge of a new era in which artificial intelligence will define our futures. This collection combines traditional Carolean clothing from the Restoration in 1660 with high-tech sportswear created using image generation technologies. The outcomes are unmistakably weird. Day-Glo stockings and matching track coats combine with pleasantly surprising flower motifs developed by AI, which reveal captivating patterns when viewed closely.


Elsewhere, These New Caroleans combine 17th-century elements with modern silhouettes and fabrics. LOVERBOY‘s constant interest with wellness brings forth unique ideas on activewear, while acidic color schemes coexist with modern interpretations of tartan. The collection also includes ornate suits of armor meticulously made from pre-loved Wedgwood jasperware, symbolizing shielding These New Caroleans as they boldly move into the future. These stunning works pay homage to Josiah Wedgwood’s past as a politically engaged arts patron, hinting at future LOVERBOY x Wedgwood collaboration.

These New Caroleans ask you to accept a vision in which tradition and innovation coexist, where historical narratives and avant-garde manifestations coexist. They march together as a group, constructing a bold and glorious future.

Charles Jeffrey enhances LOVERBOY‘s creative realm by including music in the SS24 collection. The event includes a song written and performed by Charles, his longstanding musical collaborator Tom Furse, and Ray Laurél. This single, titled “Under The Cannon,” serves as LOVERBOY‘s audacious rallying cry for a generation of young people who feel excluded and disillusioned by the current condition of affairs. It is an anti-coronation anthem that satirizes the rhetoric of militaristic marches in order to inspire a procession of protest and togetherness that promotes equality and inclusivity.


Discover every look from the CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY Spring Summer 2024 Collection in the gallery below:

Creative Director: Charles Jeffrey
Show Art Director: Bunny Kinney
Stylist: Ben Schofield
Casting: Sabrina Mastrangelo
Hair: Claire Moore for Schwarzkopf Professional
Make up: Terry Barber for MACcosmetics
Movement Director: Kate Coyne
Production: Daniel Hettmann
Lighting: Hydra Design
Press: Purple PR and GMPR Milano
Trainers by: Umbro
Film: Thomas de Cruz Media

Team: Naomi Ingleby, Diani Diaz, Daniel Rozsahegyi, Emma Istvanffy, Sophia Cook Browne, Christopher Goodman, Raquel Maillo, Charlie Hughes, Gloria Mach, Caoimhe Kelly, Mauricio Stein, Nataliya Brady, Lucy Sinnot
Assistants: Danis Thapa, Erika Laura Kaija, Pernilla Weinholz, Aruzhan Moldasseitova, Golsa Kabir, Xinyue Zou
Wedgwood sculptural pieces designed by: David Curtis-Ring
Special thanks to: Stefano Martinetto, Giovanni De Marchi, Giancarlo Simiri, Tim Ryan, Elena Troulakis, Julie Gilhart, Sandra Federighi, Fabrizio Laconi, Ben Love, Thomas Prees, Allegra Zanon, Maddalena Boschin, Miriam Fahim, Aria Fujiyoshi, Laura Thomas, Ilaria Buso, Chaymae El-Ella, Luca Gallo, Andrea Ferrari, and all the Tomorrow team, Alice Bastin, Mark Fleming, John Earnshaw, Catherine Kim, Zheng Baoji, Keeley Dawson, Francesca D’Alessio, Anna Makri,Thiers Brandao, Eilish Briscoe, Javier Ruiz, Giulia Masla, Eleonora Rizza, Nancy Oakley, Andrew Ceciliato, Michael Dale, Penny Watson, Carolyn Batista, Andrew Lister, Joseph Morrow, Laura Smith, John Redman, Clara Guerrier, Rohma Ejaz, Megumi Keogh, Arnis Koleda, Tale Studio Milan, Paola Ledderucci, Nicolo Carta, Roxy Wittrick
Runway soundtrack: Show music ft new single by Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY entitled ‘Under the cannon’ Produced by Tom Furse in collaboration with Ray Laurél, Lyrics and vocals by Charles Jeffrey

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