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ETRO Men’s Spring Summer 2024 Runway Collection

ETRO men’s spring summer 2024 runway collection by designer Marco de Vincenzo presented during Milano Fashion Week:

ETRO men's spring summer 2024
ETRO men’s spring summer 2024 – photo ©ETRO

ETRO men’s spring summer 2024 collection is a thrilling investigation of allegory and symbolism, and it was presented as part of the Milano Fashion Week that is now taking place. The collection was developed by Fashion Designer and label’s Creative Director Marco De Vincenzo and his crew. The collection, which was inspired by Cesare Ripa’s repertory of allegorical pictures from the seventeenth century, skilfully integrates the past with the present, producing a tapestry of hidden meanings and the ability to communicate with others.

The collection emanates both comfort and sacrality, with flowing lines that elegantly drape the body and rhythmic patterns that swarm throughout the clothing. These elements combine to give the collection its signature look. Coats are created by skilfully combining blazers, bermudas, jumpsuits, fuzzy jumpers, and football shirts with long cardigans and thick blankets. The result is a smooth transition from summer to fall. This combination of items offers a wide variety of alternatives for the contemporary guy because of the seamless way in which it integrates parts of both informal and formal attire.

Photo ©Etro

Allegoric imagery like as Augurio Buono, Bellezza, Eternità, Lussuria, and Tenacità appear as prints or jacquards throughout the collection. These images provide a touch of glimmer and mystique to the clothing and can be found throughout the collection. These symbolic representations, which hearken back to a different era, interact with the culture of the current day, which has seen the rise of non-verbal communication tools such as memes, GIFs, and tiktoks. By artfully contrasting the classic with the contemporary, ETRO encourages its wearers to take full advantage of the expressive potential of fashion.

Within the collection, solemnity and humour live in perfect harmony, and are brought together by a wide variety of unusual accessories. The visual impact of the outfit is enhanced by the inclusion of hyper-vulcanized wallabees and square-toed doll shoes, and the looks are finished off with intarsia bags, which are crafted with great attention to detail. These accessories provide the finishing touch, encapsulating the primary concept of the collection, which is to combine symbolism with make-believe in order to create an immersive sartorial experience.

Photo ©Etro
Photo ©Etro
Photo ©Etro

The menswear spring summer 2024 collection from ETRO captivates the imagination and invites self-expression via imaginative clothing. This is in keeping with the brand’s signature style. As a result of the efforts of Marco De Vincenzo and his team of designers, a collection has been created that is a triumphant celebration of metaphor and symbolism, taking fashion to a level beyond ordinary aesthetics. Once again, ETRO men’s spring summer 2024 demonstrates why it is a leading light in the fashion business when it comes to innovation and originality.

Discover all the looks in our gallery: 

Fashion Editor Vincent Pons
Hair Stylist Shiori Takahashi
Makeup Artist Luciano Chiarello
Casting Director Piotr Chamier
Models walking the show Ayomide Onasanya, Camp Schill, Craig Shimirimana, Dae Kim, Daniel Legzdins, Danilo Markovic, Elias de Poot, Fahui Zhuang, Filip Roseen, Guo Jike, Han Ji, Ilias Loopmans, Joan Maria, Julien Saunier, Jum Kuochnin, Jura Kozenecs, Kirill Romanenko, Ko Eun Woo, Kristaps Legzdins, Leo Cremer, Lucas Freymann, Lucas T, Luke Clod, Maluit Tony, Mouhamed Fall, Nicola Macchi, Nyange Dikla, Oscar Fishman, Raffaele Giolli, Saul Symon, Walid Fiher, Willie Fidelis, Yuto Ebihara

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