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9 Tips on How to Develop A Sense of Style

Whether you’re a sneakerhead or someone who loves a sharp suit, these nine tips will undoubtedly help you achieve a sense of style.

9 Tips on How to Develop A Sense of Style
Photography by ©Tobias Wirth

Following the latest fashion trends isn’t the key to looking fantastic. It’s about sticking to your particular style. But what if you don’t know what your personal style is? You can create your distinct style by looking for inspiration, making a mood board, and experimenting with clothes. Whether you’re a sneakerhead who has to have the latest men’s Adidas sneakers or someone who loves a sharp suit, these nine tips will undoubtedly help you achieve a sense of style.

    1. Observe – The most important thing to improve your sense of style and train your eye is to observe how others do it! For example, the clothes they wear, the colors they mix, the shoes they wear with their outfits, how they accessorize, and so on.
    2. Starting Point – Begin with something that appeals to you. Perhaps you enjoy shoes and want to create an outfit around them. Perhaps watches are your go-to accessory. Begin with the basics and work your way up.
    3. Perception – Consider the particular words you want others to use to describe you. For example, you could want to come across as cheerful and welcoming. Perhaps you want to be labeled as sophisticated and daring. You may even like to appear intelligent and smart. Make a list of these words, and consider how your style choices can help you satisfy these phrases.
    4. Occasions – Men should understand that most circumstances necessitate a particular dress code. Fortunately, most men do not need to prepare for a wide range of costumes, styles, and events. The first step toward improving your fashion sense is learning when to wear the proper fashion style at the right time.
    5. Learning From Mistakes – It is critical to start with an honest appraisal to determine what you want to achieve. Because developing your distinctive style is all about gaining confidence, it’s vital to consider the relationship between your clothing and how it affects your overall state of mind. Consider moments when you felt disempowered. What were you wearing, and how difficult was it to put that outfit together? Investigate these encounters further to see if there are any patterns.

      9 Tips on How to Develop A Sense of Style
      Photography by ©Tobias Wirth
    6. Deal or No Deal – It’s easy to be swayed by a big discount, and you should take advantage of huge markdowns – especially on premium designer pieces – but only if that piece is something you need to add to your collection. Never buy something simply because it is a good deal. It’s a complete waste of money, no matter how cheap it was, if you never wear it.
    7. Assets – What are your best bodily parts? Concentrate on your favorite features and choose clothing and accessories to highlight them. Understand your measurements so that you can find clothes that fit correctly. Make a note of your dimensions and carry them with you when you go shopping.
    8. Build On What You Have – Examine your wardrobe and take away the items you wear the most. Even if you’re dissatisfied with your current outfit, you’re bound to have a few favorites. Why do you like these pieces? Is it the cut, color, style, aesthetic, or fabric? Once you’ve determined what you appreciate about your favorite articles, you can utilize them as a starting point for future purchases.
    9. Colors – Yes, wearing neutral hues allows you to mix and match easily, but having a few bright pieces provides a simple twist to any wardrobe! Dare to try and pick some colors that make your entire personality pop if you wish to improve your dressing sense. Buying colored clothing might be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if it’s not something you often wear. However, incorporating different hues into your daily attire can be enjoyable.
9 Tips on How to Develop A Sense of Style
Photography by ©Tobias Wirth

These are just a few ways to improve your wardrobe, and while it may take some time to develop your sense of style, once you do, you’ll be able to put together amazing outfits in no time.

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