Fatigue Chic And Military Watches & Accessories Are Back In Style

As the fall winter season collections are taking over our stores we are discussing some of the most coveted styles of the season.

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Military clothes are part of the fashion vernacular now,” said Marc Jacobs, a designer who often says he is inspired by Grace Slick but also inspires the likes of Sofia Coppola, the American singer-songwriter and model who famously protested the Vietnam War in the 1960s by donning fatigues. Of course, oversized cargo pockets, XL camouflage jackets, and khaki-hued ensembles have been seen at the very latest Big Four fashion shows for men as well, both in fashion and accessories. Moreover,the upcoming release of the new Top Gun 2 movie is sending military-style gear into overdrive. If this casual-yet-serious sartorial movement gets your heart racing, make sure to adopt at least one of the following trends.

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Military Jumpsuits

Military jumpsuits and overalls are all over the streets of Milan, Tokyo and London. Men are pairing this casual look with just about every type of footwear you can think of, from white sneakers to Doc Marten boots, and even loafers sans socks. To get this look right, leave the top of the suit unzipped to the waist, styling up your look with a plane white T-shirt and a pair of iconic Tom Cruise-inspired Ray-Bans.


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Oversized Jackets

Kanye West is the epitome of urban style for many fashion lovers, and when it comes to military looks, he certainly aces the trend to perfection. By night, West is usually slick and sophisticated in well fitting suits or velvet dinner jackets, but by day, military styles and hues dominate his wardrobe. One item he is seen in often is the oversized military jacket, paired with slim-fit black jeans and worn leather boots. Fatigue jackets worn over simpe hoodies are his everyday favorite, but he is also enamored by oversized long-sleeve cotton T-shirts in army colors like green and brown.

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Military Inspired Watches And Accessories

If you’re wearing fatigue or donning a creative take on a classic military garment, your accessories need to be equally rugged. NanaDC watch reviews show that the perfect military watch combines two things: style and rugged functionality. A watch isn’t really a military watch unless it has a robust design and tactical features like water resistance, a digital compass and an altimeter. Whiz your military watch into the 21st century by ensuring it is solar powered. Pay attention to accessories too. Opt for a crossover bag in khaki shades (or, if you prefer, a khaki leather briefcase), and make jewelry a priority as well. Think army style tag chains, khaki belts, and rugged layered bracelets alongside your watch.

The Perfect Color Of Fatigue

When it comes to fatigue, don’t feel like you have to stick to ‘authentic’ army brown-green-black prints. Fashion magazines are featuring fatigue prints in everything from black and white to teal. Fatigue is always a visible and easily identifiable print, so go for pink, blue or red if you want to. You can even match two different fatigue prints – for instance, on a vest and pants if you want to make a louder statement.

Military looks have been around for as far back as fashion history can recall, yet they always make a comeback. Indeed, in the wardrobes of some icons, their subdued tones and rough styles have never gone out of fashion. The great news about fatigues is that they work well on any garment (top or bottom), as well as on shoes and watches. This summer, why not add at least one military inspired item to your wardrobe, and see whether or not it makes you feel stronger, tougher, and ready to take on even the most challenging day?

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