Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Look Suave

Take a look at this general guide on how to look suave can improve your overall appearance and help you to look your best

Men's Fashion Tips How to Look Suave
Photography by ©Pietro Groff

Understanding how to look your best will project an image of confidence and grace when dressing well. When it comes to fashion, what looks good on one person may not look as stylish on another. You must learn how to adapt your style to what looks good on you. Still, having a general guide on how to look suave can improve your overall appearance and help you to look your best.

Fit the Suit You Wear

You want to wear a suit that makes you look stylish. The key to that is having the suit fit for you. Exercise caution with period suits. You don’t want the suit to look like a novelty. Classic tends to do best for most people. Think of a suit as a chance to express the individuality around it. Some men think of the suit as a brand with the hottest brand being the target. Instead, focus on how you wear the suit because that will go much further than a brand.

Photography by ©Pietro Groff

Know Thyself

Fashion is about having fun and doing what you want for creatively expressing yourself. Nothing looks less stylish than a man who wears what everyone else thinks he needs to wear. Like everything else in life, fashion shouldn’t be about fitting a certain mold. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your style to see what you can create. Vaping has continued to increase in popularity over the years and if this is your hobby, you can fully embrace it with different options to meet your specific style. The PAX 3 vaporizer is faster, smarter and sleeker than ever before. It has improved functionality and you can review a guide that will review PAX 3 to see if it is the right choice for you.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

Your style should act on more than a simple display of self-expression. The style that you show should be appropriate for the environment. You wouldn’t, for example, wear a suit to a lazy Sunday barbecue with the boys. The worst kind of style is one that is out of place. Perhaps you’re thinking of that as a form of conformity, but here’s the way you should see it. You wouldn’t wear casual attire to a formal dinner party. You’d look out of place, and in some cases, it may even be disrespectful. You follow the dress code because it agrees with the overall theme. Learning how to fashionably express yourself within the rules of that particular occasion is what it is all about.

Photography by ©Pietro Groff
Photography by ©Pietro Groff

Accessorize to a Minimum

Ties and pocket squares can bring a level of individuality to your style, but you want to express caution for how you would use them. You don’t want to match the colors completely because it won’t create a contrast. Don’t over-accessorize yourself either. When in doubt, you will look better to subtract an element, rather than add one. You want to create an air of nonchalance, and you only need a single point of interest. Think of accessories as the side dishes to a main course. Done correctly, accessories will spice up your outfit with color and subtle appeal.

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