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BTS Member Jimin is the Face of Dior Spring 2024 Collection

Discover Dior’s latest campaign starring k-pop superstar Jimin lensed by Alasdair McLellan

Jimin Dior
Jimin poses for Dior Spring 2024 Campaign /  ©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

Luxury house Dior unveiled its Spring 2024 menswear campaign starring the brand’s global ambassador and BTS member Jimin captured by fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan. In charge of styling was Ellie Grace Cumming, with art direction from Ronnie Cooke-Newhouse. Beauty is work of hair stylist Benjamin Muller, and makeup artist Peter Philips. This is Jimin’s first campaign for the brand, since he was named Dior‘s global ambassador, back in January.

Jimin Dior
©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

K-pop sensation also continues to expand his debut solo journey beyond initial expectations. The record label, Big Hit Music, has just unveiled a thrilling update – a vinyl edition of Jimin’s debut solo album, “Face,” set to be released in a few short months.

Jimin Dior
©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

Big Hit Music took to the popular social media platform Weverse to make this official announcement, emphasizing how “Face” deeply resonated with fans, reflecting Jimin’s authentic emotional journey over the past two years. They expressed their gratitude for the tremendous support by declaring, “To express our gratitude for your tremendous support, we’re making ‘Face’ available on vinyl.

©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

This news comes as a delightful surprise for Jimin and BTS fans who have consistently shown their support by investing in physical music formats. Fans from South Korea and Japan have the opportunity to secure their pre-orders for the vinyl edition of “Face” right now. As for fans in the United States, pre-orders will open on October 18th. However, it’s important to note that although the album will be available for purchase shortly, shipments to customers in both the U.S. and Europe are slated for mid-January 2024.

©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

In addition to the vinyl release, fans can look forward to a special treat – a solo documentary film titled “Jimin’s Production Diary.” This documentary will take fans behind the scenes, offering an intimate glimpse into the creative process behind “Face.” It promises to provide viewers with deeper insights into Jimin’s thoughts, feelings, and dedication as he worked on this album.

©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan


    • Dior had an eye for him since 2019. And finally they got him. Jimin is such an icon, as an artist and as a person. Such a cool guy. I know, he has soft and androgynous features, BUT he is really strong (both mentally and physically), wise and mature. He is so worth it. I respect him so much and being fan since 2018.

    • Yes! ? JIMIN is one of 7 of the most beautiful and beloved BTS member’s alive! Happy Birthday and Congratulations for being the best Global Ambassador of Dior! We love you! ???

  1. Jimin, the best Global Ambassador of Dior, the first south Korean soloist to top the hot 100. You will always be love and successful both in music and fashion! Happy birthday ?

  2. Jimin being the first asian to be the face of dior campaign, well deserved for the GLOBAL IT BOY, King of kpop!

  3. Old money aesthetics really suits Jimin. I can’t wait to see more from him! He nailed this collection! ?

  4. Jimin can make anything very interesting. I thought he’s playing a role from manhwa adaptation in medieval settings where those leads get isekaid into another dimension. He’s really looking like a young Prince/ Duke to me ??

  5. Jimin is such a handsome, gorgeous & multi talented artist. Dior you’re literally lucky to have Jimin as your Ambassador.

  6. He looks like an ML from a isekai manhwa in medieval settings. He can literally pull off those young prince/Duke where they top the academy with excellent academic & swordsmanship scores ??

  7. He looks pretty and elegant, he’s perfect for the DIOR campaign, they made a good choice, I hope to see more of him and the brand in the future

    • Jimin is the Face of KPOP. Wholesome, talented, humble and kind. That is why he is loved by his fans worldwide.

  8. Jimin es un excelente embajador de la marca. Él se ve elegante y refinado, además de ser muy hermoso. Dior hizo la mejor elección en elegirlo embajador global.

  9. Love the shoot! Jimin is the ONLY choice for this! He fits the style that Kim Jones has created so perfectly!

  10. Since debut Jimin as been known for his grace on and off stage. He is consistently setting trends and establishing himself as the first. He continues to be the first and only K-pop soloist to top the Billboard 100
    without a feature. His birthday became an international celebration both on and offline with over 26 simultaneous worldwide trends on X, formerly known as Twitter. While people in the public eye are an easy target for people to direct their own insecurities — as a wise man once said, either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. One thing Park Jimin will always be is relevant.

  11. Jimin being the most famous Korean singer now a days
    He toped billboard ho100 with a Korean song
    And he is the face of dior and Tiffany the most prestigious brands
    No one doing it like him


  13. The closer you get to excellence in
    your life, the more people will not like you.
    JIMIN your are perfect inside and out! I will always love you!!

  14. He is so elegant and chic. His face has perfect ratio. I’m glad Dior can snatch Jimin as their global ambassador. They are a good match.

  15. Jimin looks gorgeous and really adds to the vibe of the pieces. Loving the princely aesthetic. Well done Dior and Jimin.

  16. Jimin is the Prince of Busan
    South Korea’s It Boy
    Idols of Idols
    Billboard #1 1st Korean Soloist for his debut single Like Crazy
    DIOR first Asian male global ambassador

    Congratulations on your success solo debut and DIOR campaign. Happy birthday 28th to you as well.

  17. Jimin is the perfect choice for this campaign rollout. He’s a literal prince. Good job to DIOR they knew what they wanted to serve.

  18. he’s so gorgeous and somehow still looks like he didn’t age a day over 20 ? dior really did well in pursuing him bc he just fits the brand so well

    You picked a great one to feature in your magazine. His features are exceptional! Such a beautiful man. Jimin is NEVER boring.

  20. Jimin, the best Global Ambassador of Dior, the first south Korean soloist to top the hot 100. You will always be love and successful both in music and fashion! Happy birthday ?

  21. What a beautiful collection and what a great choice to go with Dior Global embassador for this campaign, the spring is here and it’s beautifully portrayed in this photoshoot.

    *Please ignore the trolls with no class in the comments.

  22. JIMIN for DIOR, Elegantly gorgeous!!!! Has such strong artistic professional background. He has shown how creativity works so amazingly for him. Including the release of Album, performing MV, featuring in other important productions, giving the deserved recognition. And most important His kind, caring personality make him a representation of the New Artistic Generations! Congratulations Jimin

  23. JIMIN para DIOR, ¡Elegantemente hermoso! Tiene una sólida formación profesional artística. Ha demostrado cómo la creatividad funciona de manera sorprendente para él. Incluyendo el lanzamiento del Álbum, la realización del MV, participaciones en otras producciones importantes, dándole el merecido reconocimiento. ¡Y lo más importante es que su personalidad amable y afectuosa lo convierte en una representación de las Nuevas Generaciones Artísticas! Felicidades Jimin!!!

  24. How sad these internet trolls lives must be. I hope you find happiness and love one day soon that will replace the darkness & hate in your heart. Life will be so much better for you when this happens.

    As for this model wow! I don’t really know much about him but he is stunning! Dior definitely knew what they were doing choosing him to model. Congratulations Dior you’re on a winner!

  25. The comment I see most on social media is: “jimin was born to be a dior ambassador”. It matched perfectly, he looks so beautiful, elegant and youthful in these outfits. Congratulations, beautiful campaign!

  26. Jimin is not only elegant and with a spectacular demeanor, Jimin is the only GLOBAL ambassador of DIOR, why? Because he is the most PERFECT MAN who has touched planet earth.

  27. Excellent!!
    Jimin as the Face of Dior for this campaign is brilliant. Jimin exudes elegance and charm. Many luxury brands want to sign Jimin but Dior is lucky to have him. Jimin fits perfectly with Dior. Good job sir Kim Jones.

  28. Definitivo Dior eligió muy bien a su Embajador, el mejor, quien es super modelo, carismático y super estrella. FABULOSA COLECCIÓN CON Jimin_BTS

  29. La combinación perfecta de belleza y elegancia, Jimin ? nos muestra su belleza angélica, junto a la elegancia que lo caracteriza. JIMIN JIMIN

  30. Jimin is incredible, he represents God very well, he is elegant, fresh, fashionable and always looks surprising. The brand couldn’t have chosen a better ambassador ?

  31. Feliz cumpleaños, hermoso Jimin, eres increíblemente maravilloso, te admiro y te respeto mucho, eres un extraordinario ser humano lleno de amor y siempre brillaras, te deseo lo mejor del mundo porque mereces lo más hermoso de este planete, #JIMINTHEKING, Forever

  32. Congratulations Dior! Jimin is perfect for this campaign. He’s the epitome of class and elegance.
    Fyi, Jimin has written history to be the first Asian individual to be the face of a clothing campaign for the biggest French luxury brand!!! Congratulations Jimin! ???

  33. Jimin es el mejor embajador. El representa muy bien a estas dos marcas de prestigio mundial. La cual siempre tiene a los mejores representantes. Gracias casa Dior y Tiffany & Co. Por tener a Jimin como su mejor representante

  34. Wow Mr. Kim Jones himself handpicked Park Jimin, a BB100 1 artist with a highly acclaimed album AND a fashionista!

  35. Jimin is the best Model in the eyes of all brand companies! And he is slaying all the photo shoots! R power and the charisma is really on Jimin! Great choice of a Global ambassador! He is the global sensation! Both Fashion and Music Industry, he is the King! Global It boy Jimin!

  36. Such a huge Global icon with a big array of slave haters with beggar favs, we know Father Jimin’s success and peak is making people scramble around left and Right while we cheer??

  37. You WONT see non fans spamming comment section of article when its NOT abt their fav, if its not jimin. HOW non fans even find this article, make time to read it & even fill their email to waste their time to leave comment, unless they’re OBSESSED WITH JIMIN, THE GLOBAL IT BOY. KING OF KPOP ?

  38. Jimin looks so amazing in everything he wear, no wonder he is the Global Ambassador of Dior and Tiffany

  39. Jimin looks absolutely gorgeous in everything he wears. Just look at him, outstanding. Continue shining like a beautiful Dior star. ?

  40. Jimin is so beautiful inside and out!
    He has tunning visuals and he is the best choice for Face of Dior!
    We kivevyou Jimin!

  41. Dior exudes luxury, class and sophistication..and thankfully they have the vision to pick the perfect ambassador who embodies all the brand stands for! #Jimin is Dior?

  42. Wow Park Jimin really suits this campaign. He always looked so neat, elegant and confident in his beauty. He has androgynnous beauty that most men or women envy. He can pull any fashion style and he is a very humble, kind, sweet, polite human being.

  43. Jimin is the best! He is the it boy and idols idol for many reasons! Such beautiful talented man! Who makes twinks and girls always jealous from him cause of his talents, fashion sense, and most importantly his beauty ?? we love a man with great personality that cares for others

  44. Jimin is purfect all around stunning. No matter what he wears put him in a potato sack and he would still look perfect And rich. The world will miss him when he is in the military. Can’t wait tell they are back together.gorgeous.

  45. Jimin is sooooo pretty and gorgeous his charisma is incredible
    Mr kim jones chose him bcuz he knows how incredible jimin impact is

  46. Jimin is the best that has happened to Dior. His style has always been the best . Well done Dior for securing Jimin. ?

  47. Jimin correspond parfaitement à l’image de l’élégance de DIOR et son image ainsi que son goût sur pour la mode est un lien entre la nouvelle génération et la marque.

    Merci DIOR et JIMIN pour cette campagne à venir.

    Et les rageux ça ne sert à rien de vous plaindre ici!!!

  48. Love you jimin you are tha most beautiful man in this world dior is so lucky they have jimin as their global ambassador wowwwwwww l?


    the losers in the comments ??

  50. The most gorgeous handsome fashionable man i know!
    No one does it better than the very talented and gorgeous Park Jimin.
    The face of Dior men campaign! We look forward to more beautiful work of Jimin and Dior

  51. What rock you be living under to not know who JIMIN is ? He mfkin defines talent. Get your tired a$$es outta here, JIMIN is the world’s muse from the beginning! He makes even the mundane look majestic, the everyday stuff look elegant. He literally embodies the prince vibe. Galaxy brained people calling JIMIN boring ? like y’all probably be trippin and calling the sun dim fools…

  52. Jimin es realmente Inolvidable!! Excelente y asombrosamente talentoso! Definitivamente es el hombre más hermoso de este universo! DIOR tiene un Embajador Global perfecto y precioso! Estoy tan orgullosa de Jimin y me siento tan bendecida de ser testigo de su viaje, crecimiento y éxitos!! JIMIN es inspiración para todos!

  53. Jimin is handsome, pretty, classy, elegant, charismatic and cute at the same time.. He has an aura of Prince and royal family. Besides, he is such a multitalented artist. DIOR definitely suits him well. Always looking forward to Jimin and Dior projects..

  54. Congratulations to the one and only OG IT BOY PARK JIMIN!!!!

    Park Jimin really suits Dior, he exudes so much class and elegance which the brand is known and stands for. PARK JIMIN DIOR GLOBAL AMBASSADOR, HUMAN DIOR JIMIN.

    P.S. Some fans of some kpop idol/s, taught they are doing something good for their faves, only for their rotten behaviour to reflect on who they stan LOL.

  55. Congratulations Dior! Jimin is perfect for this campaign. He’s the epitome of class and elegance.
    Fyi, Jimin has written history to be the first Asian individual to be the face of a clothing campaign for the biggest French luxury brand. Congratulations Jimin!!! ???

  56. Ever since Dior chose Jimin as their global ambassador, I have started frequenting the store nearest my residence. Never took an interest in fashion before but these beautiful shoots have made me invested in the brand. I now own Dior beauty products (one lippy engraved with Jimin’s name thanks to the super nice store ppl) and will be checking out their clothing line and accessories next. I am very happy with this shoot. Kudos to the photographer and staff!

  57. Perfect!!! Jimin is a style icon in the world of K-Pop. That’s why he’s highly sought after in the luxury fashion industry! Congratulations Dior for snatching Jimin first. Nice move, Dior!

  58. Can I just add this:

    Jimin is one of the most influential stars for Dior during the 2023 Paris Fashion Week. Jimin’s two social media posts, where he mentioned Dior, generated 16.7 million USD in EMV (Effective Media Value), accounting for 54% of Dior’s total EMV at the fashion week.


  59. This guy is amazing, he really gave Dior a refreshing look and definitely a more global approach cause the amount of people interested in this brand after he was announced as a GA is still super impressive

  60. the ethereal heartthrob ???
    so pretty, elegant and classy. whatever style or genre, jimin will always effortlessly pull off. icon living!

  61. the ethereal heartthrob ???
    so pretty, elegant and classy. whatever style or genre, jimin will always effortlessly pull off

  62. Oh Jimin, the epitome of elegance and beauty.
    Dior couldn’t have gotten a better Global Brand Ambassador, he is literally everything what Dior stands for.

  63. DiorxJimin is seriously a match made in fashion heaven. Rich beautiful chaebol kid going to visit his family on the countryside. I see the vision!

  64. JIMIN always brings a fresh take on everything he does — fashion being one of them. So excited for this Dior Spring 2024 Collection!

  65. My perfect man, I’m so proud of him, anyone can represent the elegance and power as Jimin do!! Go ahead my handsome boy!

  66. The reason that the world is such a mess these days is because of haters… please stop this and go about living your life. You’re only creating bad karma for yourself so try to be a better person.

  67. The most beautiful man that ever was no wonder Dior wanted him to be the face of Dior he has it all going on for him his proportions, his strength his beauty

  68. Jimin you are very good singer & dancer .
    You look very beautiful in Dior clothes.
    We love you very much .

  69. He suits the concept perfectly. He is so beautiful and handsome nd got that boyish charm. I am loving this old money vibe on him. Dior did great with Jimin.


  71. I can understand why so many people are obsessed with him. He’s got an aura that just elevates his beauty!

  72. Jimin is the perfect model for Dior’s spring collection. His graceful and lithe body highlights how well the clothes fit. And he is serving face as well! Congratulations, Dior, for snatching Jimin!

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