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Provocative JordanLuca Underwear 2.0 Collection

The new collection from JordanLuca continues its daring take on traditional men’s underwear

JordanLuca Underwear 2.0 Collection
JordanLuca Underwear 2.0 Collection / Courtesy of JordanLuca

JordanLuca‘s most recent campaign, JordanLuca Underwear 2.0, pushes the limits of contemporary men’s underwear by introducing a load of new colours and styles. The brand’s popular line of knickers bearing its name, which sold out, is followed by this collection, which defies conventional sexual stereotypes with its daring and provocative designs. The scandalous aesthetics of their Fall Winter 2023 show are reflected in the marketing photography, which highlights the brand’s emphasis on more is more motto.

Courtesy of JordanLuca

The restocked Black/Black and White/White boxers and briefs, as well as revised models in the classic Grey/White colorway, are highlights of the new JordanLuca Underwear 2.0 range. These items, which come in sizes S–XL, are made using the brand’s distinctive 95% cotton and 5% elastane combination, guaranteeing comfort, fit, and longevity. The collection’s signature triple waistband design is still popular and makes a powerful statement in terms of both form and function.

Courtesy of JordanLuca

The new line of Jockstraps is a noteworthy addition to the collection; they maintain the signature medium-rise waist and branded waistband featuring unicorn and lion patterns. These motifs subvert and add whimsy to the collection by deftly playing on clichés of British people. Like all JordanLuca knickers, the Jockstraps are made from a premium cotton and elastane blend that provides support and comfort.

Courtesy of JordanLuca

The IGGY Bottom and IGGY Top by JordanLuca round out the revised line. A sleek and contemporary silhouette is created by the micro vest, IGGY Top, which fits snugly to the chest and arches across the back. Referred to as a Jock-less Jockstrap, the IGGY Bottom provides a variety of ways to wear it. Wearers who are daring will find it appealing as it adds a layer of kink and subversion that can be worn over, under or without underwear. The JordanLuca logo is prominently displayed on the Black or White Fine Rib Cotton IGGY Top and Bottom.

Courtesy of JordanLuca

JordanLuca’s underwear is made of custom cotton fabric, which demonstrates their dedication to quality. The cotton and elastane yarn blend is specifically designed for comfort, fit, and hold. It is manufactured in Italy. The fabric also has antibacterial qualities, which guarantee that the pants stays clean and fresh for the duration of wear.

Courtesy of JordanLuca

The campaign, led by Creative Directors Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, features art direction by Eric Brain and photography by Paolo Colaiocco, with Tom Lombard assisting. Model Jamie Yates embodies the bold and provocative spirit of the collection. The JordanLuca Underwear line is now available for purchase online at, offering men everywhere the chance to experience the brand’s unique comfort, style, and subversive edge. Take a closer look at the JordanLuca Underwear 2.0 Collection in the Gallery below:

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