Latest Trends to Follow When Buying T-Shirts

Latest T-Shirt trends rounded up by MMSCENE Magazine editors from Camo to University T here is what is to stay and what you ought to try out:

Ton Heukels in simple white T-Shirt Exclusively for MMSCENE

T-shirts are a fan favorite and extremely popular item of apparel. Everyone owns a wardrobe full of t-shirts, whether they have paid for it or have gotten it for free!

With evolving fashion trends every year, t-shirts for adults are forever classic and offer more variety.  While you may think t-shirts are simple and not a hot ticket fashion item, think again. The number of trends for t-shirts continues to grow and evolve as fashion changes.

Here are some trends to try in 2021 selected by our fashion editors:

Book Tees

This trend was created by small, independent book stores and authors with t-shirts printed carrying various designs related to popular books. Harry Potter is a perfect example of this, where many bookstores will sell Harry Potter-related t-shirts. This trend has been increasingly shared over social media and has become a cult trend as many have started sporting tees with book-related references.

Harry Potter Herbology T-shirt is one of the best sellers on ETSY

Half-Zip Style

When you need comfortable t-shirts that can work as an added layer during cold weather, you may choose half-zip styles. These t-shirts for adults are usually designed with a cover stitch seam and a removable tag for extra comfort. It is a highly trendy style that offers open cuffs and hem. You can opt for bright or subtle colors in spandex or nylon material when buying these tees.

Usually half-zip style comes with a strong sports influence.

Vintage Fila half zip Tshirt is coming back in style with light speed


Move over graphic tees and hello doodles! Many up-and-coming artists will collaborate with t-shirt providers to get their doodles out to the world. These doodles are unique and can depict so many things in one frame. Doodle shirts are a really good form of personal expression.

Athletics Tees

A uniform worn by pro baseballers and other sportspersons has now been adapted into a fashion statement. These tees sport colorful sleeves, while the body of the t-shirt is usually white. There are variations to this, but you should always go with the classics.

Athletic Tshirts have also quickly become a major trend in sportswear inspired collections for the past five seasons if not even longer.

MISBHV Athletic Tshirt
Athletic T-shirt from brand on the rise MISBHV has become an instantly recognizable piece for the indie brand. Read DSCENE magazine’s interview with founders of MISBHV.

Color Block Tees

If you like subtlety in your tees with extra comfort, you can opt for moisture-wicking t-shirts with color block patterns. These tees usually have sublimated digital prints on the hem, shoulders, sleeves, and collars. With a slightly contoured silhouette, they add a dramatic, bold style to your look. Buy them in polyester material with a V-neck design and set-in sleeves for being trendy.

moncler camo tshirt
Camo t-shirt from the latest collection by Italian Alpine inspired brand Moncler – photo courtesy of ©SSENSE

Camo All Day

As a pattern mostly associated with the army, camo has become a great fashion statement for adults lately. The original camo tee was green, but these tees now come in different colors such as red, grey, purple, you name it!

Oversized V neck t-shirt from American designer Philip Lim and his collection 3.1 Phillip Lim

Crewnecks and V-necks

These are the classic types of t-shirts you must have in your wardrobe. They suit any occasion and can be layered with sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets. Most crewneck and V-neck tees come in solid colors. If you want more color, you can opt for a graphic t-shirt with these necklines!

V neck t-shirts are now seeing a comeback within the oversize trend, as well as v neck vests. However the classical v-neck t-shirt is still not back in style.

Dapper Henleys

Henley t-shirts have a unique neckline that can make anyone look dapper. Perfect for running errands or brunch, this type of t-shirt adds a unique touch to the gular ¾ t-shirt most people wear. Henley’s also provides a great fit, so you’ll always look sharp.

University/School Tees

When you’re part of a school, you are part of something bigger, which is why when you get school tees, they mean more than what others could imagine. It’s a sense of pride to wear the tee and just as fashionable to wear it.

University tees can go well with any outfit and act as a great conversation starter. Whenever anyone sees your shirt, they may want to strike up a conversation based on where you went to school/university.

Oscar Bloomfield
Model Oscar Bloomfield in STANFORD UNIVERSITY x NIKE t-shirt for MMSCENE exclusive stories photo ©Mathias Alexandrou – see the full shoot.

Tie-Dyed Tees

Add a splash of bright colors to your wardrobe with tie-dyed t-shirts for adults. They are hand-dyed to create a unique pattern in each shirt. You can opt for a rib-knit collar, full sleeves, and vibrant colors in these tees. Each t-shirt is unique, and leading brands use 100% cotton fabric for all-day comfort. Buy tie-dyed t-shirts that have no optical brighteners or bleaches used for dying purposes.

SCHNAYDERMAN'S tshirt tie dye
Tie dye t-shirt from brand on the rise SCHNAYDERMAN’S – photo ©SSENSE

Ombre Tees

The ombre style is here to stay. It’s pretty simple to make your ombre tee, or you can even purchase one at the store. Making this specific t-shirt will save you money and effort. By reusing an old shirt and buying the desired color dyes, you can color your shirt for an ombre look.

Apart from these, this year, you can opt for styles like front-placket, 3/4th sleeve, Raglan sleeves, scoop neck, etc. Whatever type you select, buy your t-shirts in a perfect size for a better fit. Also, look for a trusted seller offering several brands to be spoilt for choice.

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