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Everything you Need to Know About Wedding Dressing

Read on to find out how to choose the perfect outfit for that special day, whether it’s your wedding or someone else’s

Photography by ©Pietro Groff for MMSCENE

Attending weddings is a common occurrence for almost all of us. This opportunity is bestowed upon us multiple times every year. Every now and then, our friends or family members are getting married, and we have to attend their special event. Now attending weddings as a mere formality won’t cut it. You need to be well prepared for it. And preparations start and end with wedding attire. But what if this is your wedding? An once in a lifetime event? Surely you must rehearse that multiple times before the lights go out. This article will serve as a helpful guide in allowing you to pick the right set of clothes for your big day, whether it is your wedding or someone else’s lucky day.

Choosing the color scheme

You can’t expect to show up at a wedding dressed as if you were attending a funeral. Similarly you can’t attend a wedding dressed up like someone who just came back from a bachelor’s party. You have to pick the right color for the right occasion. The right dress code for the right event. You have quite a few options when it comes to color scheme however. Black is usually the standard dress color that you see everyone wear. Black coats are usually supplemented by dress shirts of various colors. If you are going for an eye catching contrast, white is your best bet. Maybe you want to stand out. You could definitely go for black on black by opting for a black shirt which will definitely look good. And besides, there are several attractive suit colors available including blue grey and maroon.

Photography by ©Pietro Groff for MMSCENE

Deciding which suit to wear

There are several types of suits but you have to pick one that checks in with your personal preferences. Are you a fan of tuxedos? Or will you go with the endlessly classic looking double breasted suits? What about the conventional three piece suits that are always a reliable and safe bet? This should not come as a surprise but affordable save the dates are always a cheaper option for inviting your friends and family members and when you get one, make sure to dress in the appropriate way for the appropriate occasion.

A tie to tie your suit up

Ties are an extremely underrated aspect of any suit. A drab lifeless tie can kill the entire appeal of an elegant piece of clothing. Similarly, a timeless tie can elevate your suit to an entirely new level. Again you have to be wise with the color scheme. Deciding which color will go with your coat and shirt is on you. Shade selection will be easier if you align the tie you want to buy with the shirt and coat you are planning to wear. This will expedite your decision making process.

Photography by ©Pietro Groff for MMSCENE
Photography by ©Pietro Groff for MMSCENE


Weddings are an unavoidable truth. No matter who you are, you will be attending weddings one way or the other. So why not prepare well for it? Your preparations start with how you decide to dress. A dress is a portal to your personality. How you dress speaks volumes about your mannerism. To fabricate an immaculate piece of clothing for a wedding is easier than you think and this article will surely help you in your quest.

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