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How Grooms Can Ensure They Look Sharp in 2019


The grooms of 2019 are set to be among the most expressive and stylish seen in the history of weddings. More and more grooms are looking to show their personality on their big day, demonstrating that not all of the sartorial focus necessarily needs to be on the bride.

Your wedding day will be one of the most significant days of your life as a groom, just as it will be for your bride. So, here are some helpful tips on how grooms can look sharp for their 2019 wedding, as shared by one of the leading French wedding venues, Château Bouffémont.

A classic hairstyle

There will be plenty about your wedding that will be ‘of its time’ – but your haircut shouldn’t be one of them. Hairstyles are some of the most commonly regretted choices we make.

For your wedding day, you should therefore avoid the hollow haircut trends of the moment. Instead, we suggest you opt for a classic style that won’t go out of fashion, meaning you won’t cringe at your decision in 20 years’ time.


Clean-shaven look

2018 saw a lot of hairy grooms, but 2019 looks likely to mark a return to the clean-shaven look. However, it’s important to achieve the closest shave possible.

Try a good old-fashioned safety razor, or make an occasion of shaving by visiting a luxury barber shop with your groomsmen for a pre-wedding treat.

A Hollywood smile

Some things never go out of fashion, and a winning smile is one of them. While your teeth shouldn’t be completely luminous, making sure they are in good condition and a nice shade of white will give you some extra confidence for your big day.

Try an intensive whitening toothpaste, or pay a visit to your dentist for a professional clean.

Suit trends for 2019

If you’re looking for the ultimate in sophistication, the three-piece suit is back with a vengeance for 2019.When impeccably tailored and flawlessly fitted, it enables your style to be super sleek during the day, but then more relaxed on an evening once you’ve removed the jacket.

In terms of materials and patterns, tweed is still proving popular in 2019. Even without a jacket, a tweed waistcoat is a stylish option for this year’s grooms.


Consider your scent

Guests will be flocking to you on your wedding day, so you should make sure you smell amazing. If you have a signature aftershave, try using its matching moisturiser and shower gel to strengthen your scent.

It’s advisable, as well, to invest in a long-lasting deodorant, especially if you plan to dance until the early hours! This will all help to boost your confidence, thereby ensuring you look sharp.

Get a manicure

It’s 2019 – there’s nothing emasculating about taking care of your nails! We’re not suggesting anything extravagant, but it’s a good idea to make sure your nails are clean and tidy.

A manicure will ensure your nails are camera-ready. Trust us when we say you’ll be surprised by how many wedding photos your hands feature heavily in!


Match your venue to your look

You’ve most likely planned your fairytale wedding to a T, so you should make sure you’re looking as sharp as your venue.

If you’re getting married somewhere abroad, it’s a good idea to research the traditions for grooms in that part of the world and try to inject some of the local culture into your day. We would also suggest that you check the website of your chosen venue for further inspiration.

Images from Charlie Matthews by Pat Supsiri for MMSCENE Magazine – See the full story here.

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