Travel Fashion: How to Be Stylish When You Travel

Listed below are some packing suggestions and strategies for traveling in style

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

So, you’ve finally picked a vacation spot and decided on departure date. But what happens when it’s time to start packing for the trip?

Mixing and matching a travel wardrobe is difficult enough without the airline overcharging for checked baggage. But with such rules in place, we must pack light, carefully choosing what we wear on our next trip.

Men might have an easier time deciding what to wear, but with the endless choices of skirts, dresses, pants, and shirts, women need more of a helping hand. Below are some travel fashion tips and tricks to pack light and remain to look stylish.

Get Your Travel Documents in Order

When embarking on an international journey, you may also require a visa to enter the country of your final destination. Go online to research the visa requirements for your next trip, After that, it’s time to start packing!

Consider Your Travel Destination

The packing will not be a problem if you are going to a tropical destination. Throw in a few bikinis, some sundresses, and a pair of sandals, and you are pretty much good to go.

What happens if you travel in a cold climate or are required to go to several destinations for meetings, a wedding, and then a vacation?

Traveling to a colder destination requires packing bulkier clothes to keep you warm. If you’re considering a city like Minneapolis, you might want to book Sonesta hotels in Minneapolis for a comfortable and stylish stay. Choose combinations you can mix and match for various weather conditions and occasions.

Your list for a colder destination may include some items we’re about to mention. Choose tank tops and T-shirts that are easily washable, a black dress, a cardigan, a down vest, stylish athletic shoes or sneakers, a jacket, and a pair of short flat booties.

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

The One Thing You Can’t Travel Without

Think of the one piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you have to wear wherever you go – something that you can wear for any occasion, any part of the day. That is usually a black dress, wrinkle-free depending on the material.

You will adjust the black dress purpose to any occasion by adding different accessories to match the event. Dinner at a restaurant, a cocktail event, or a stroll in the city – the little black dress is a garment no woman can live without.

A Mix of Basic and Statement Pieces

Generally, two-thirds of your clothes will be essential, with a few statement pieces on the side. Choose the garments depending on the climate of your travel destination.

Opt for dresses, dark jeans, a black skirt, and several dressy-casual blouses that you can wear for any occasion. Bring shorts and swimsuits, or a coat, gloves and a scarf, depending on where you are going.

Mixing and matching the pieces, you can create outfits for every occasion. Wear a tank top with jeans or shorts for a more sporty look, or combine it with a black skirt and a scarf and wear it for dinner in town.

The Challenge of Packing Shoes

Shoes are often bulky and a challenge to pack. When choosing shoes for a trip, select ones that would match all your outfit combinations and, simultaneously, would be suitable for the events you’ll be attending.

Choose shoes that you can combine with jeans, dresses, and shorts, but at the same time are stylish and comfortable.

Fashionable athletic shoes are the new trend for travelers. Wear them for sports activities or while exploring the area.

They usually come in different patterns and colors that you can mix and match. You can also find a pair of great supportive casual shoes that you can walk in.

When talking about heels, bring a practical heel with which you can do some walking. A peep, closed-toe bootie, or sandal will be a perfect addition, but make sure it matches the outfits you packed.

Photography by ©Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE

Forget Packing a Ton of Bags

No outfit is complete without a bag. You may have to fight the urge to take every bag you own, but that will probably mean bringing one more suitcase. Invest in a bag that will look good with multiple outfits and is appropriate for numerous purposes.

You can find three-in-one bags that you can use while you travel and look stylish. You’ll be amazed how many bags can turn from crossbody to shoulder bags to short-handle bags. Or you can throw in your favorite clutch for your night out.

Dress it Up With Accessories

When talking about accessories, you might want to keep things simple. You can do a lot by adding a few necklaces and pairs of earrings.

Choose pieces that make a statement and take your outfit to a new level. You might want to leave your expensive jewelry home if you don’t want to risk losing it or forgetting it.

If you are traveling to a colder place, use scarves to complete the look of your outfit. Simply adding a scarf to a combination can make it look like a brand-new one.

You will always have the opportunity to purchase something as a souvenir from your travel destination. Whether it’s a necklace, a scarf, or any other accessory, it will be a warm reminder of your trip.

Layering is Useful

Layering outfits can be a lifesaver when traveling. You can turn a simple blouse with dark jeans into a dressy ensemble by adding a shawl or a fitted jacket.

The black dress we mentioned will come in handy for a night out and during the day. Add a shrug over it and use it during the day.

Final Thoughts

We all wish to look good when traveling, which is why we put a lot of thought into packing. But there is only so much that can fit in a suitcase!

There are always times when we cannot take something along on the trip but think we’ll need it. In such cases, focus on bringing along items you can elevate with some accessories and a coverup.

Even better, you can always buy a raincoat or a pair of sandals at your destination. You’ll return home with an affordable new garment and a perfect addition to your closet!

Images from Gleb Dykyi by Miquel Cabello for MMSCENE Magazine – See the full story here

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