Tips On How To Look Like a Male Model

You don’t have to be ultra-fit or have a six-pack like the guys in the magazines

Photo ©Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE

Ever wonder how male models look so trim and well-groomed? A lot of hard work is required to get into and stay in shape. However, you don’t have to be ultra-fit or have a six-pack like the guys in the magazines. With some hard work, sacrifice, and a bit of an investment in fashion, you can also look like a male model.

Here are some tips you can try.

Photo ©Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE

1. Dress well

Clothing is a big part of what distinguishes male models from the rest. Many people follow these models because of how they dress. However, many of these models have designers or stylists to help them. If you want to look like your favorite male model, you can start by emulating their personal style and model poses. For instance, if you like how David Beckham dresses, follow him on social media and use the pictures he posts as a reference for your new looks.

Choose the clothes and accessories you wear very carefully. These pieces should work with your body shape and help accentuate your best features. You do not have to wear designer clothes, but with some creativity and a balanced fashion sense, you can pull it off. Visit John Henric to get the perfect accessories for all your looks.

2. Get in shape

To get that lean body many male models are known for, you to have to get in shape. Adopt a healthier diet by cutting back or avoiding processed, fatty, and oily foods. You can also consult a nutritionist and get advice on the best diet to try for your body type. Together with adopting a healthier diet, you should also work out to help you get in and stay in shape. There are many ways you can work out, such as jogging or running. You can join a gym or download an exercise app to help you be on track with your workout goals.

Photo ©Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE

3. Get a good haircut

Your hair is a big part of your look. The right hairstyle can help highlight your best facial features and can even change your appearance. Avoid using harsh products or chemicals on your hair, go for natural products that have been approved. Keep your hair moisturized, and avoid wearing tight-fitting hats or caps. They can cause hair loss due to a condition called traction alopecia.

4. Adopt a good skincare regime

Having good skin is just as important to men as it is to women. Male models have flawless skin, and this is thanks to their skincare regimens. While getting to that level of grooming may take time, you can start with some small things that, if done daily, will help you get there. Raise your intake of water to help cleanse and replenish your skin. Use a daily face and body moisturizer that contain hydrating ingredients such as Aloe vera. Also, try and exfoliate once a week and make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you go out.

Find a model who you want to look like or whose look inspires you and work to look like them. Just dressing the part isn’t enough; having a positive attitude, energy, and confidence will complete the package.

Images by Petros Kouiouris for MMSCENE


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