Feeling Perfect: 6 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet

. Your feet bear a lot of stress of your body, and it is paramount that you take care of them because a model without a perfect walk does not meet the brief.

The fashion industry revolves around the idea of perfection, and models strive day and night to achieve those ideas of perfection. These pressures were initially limited to women, but they have transcended the male population as well because the last few decades have seen a significant boom in the men fashion industry.

More and more men are getting involved in modeling by following grooming tips furthered by experts and the top male models in the industry. But, there is one aspect of grooming that often gets forgotten, i.e., taking care of your feet.

Feet are the workhorses of your body, and they may not need to be showcased like your face. But, they require proper care and grooming because the health of your feet is a direct determinant of how you feel as a person, therefore, we have listed some tips for taking care of your feet.

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1. Wash your feet

Make a habit of washing your feet regularly because they often get forgotten because of not being so accessible. Therefore, sit down on a stool and soap your feet properly because keeping them clean will save you from conditions like athlete’s foot and bad odor.

Moreover, you can also soak your feet in warm water containing Epsom salts, and it will not only relax your nerves but will also improve the health of your feet.

2. Moisturize your feet

Post washing, moisturize your feet with non-itchy lotions and its need becomes even more pertinent in cold, dry winters. Because otherwise, your feet will start to age quicker and develop painful cracks, which will make walking a tad bit difficult and will eventually affect your gait.

3. Choose the right shoes

Although modeling outfits are mostly not comfortable to wear but make sure that your shoes are comfortable and have breathing space for your feet. Otherwise, you are bound to experience distorted toe shapes, abnormal growths on your feet, and twisted ankles.

Therefore, it is paramount that you choose the right shoes for your feet; otherwise, you will require regular visits to competent doctors with calibre in line with the professionals associated with Podiatrists Sydney group.

4. Use an alternate pair of shoes

Shoes absorb a lot of sweat from your feet, which takes at least a day to dry thoroughly. Therefore, it would be a good idea to use two pairs of shoes on alternate days so that you do not have to put your feet to the test of bacteria and fungus. Needless to say, make sure you keep your shoes clean and change socks regularly. 

5. Change your socks daily

Make a habit of using fresh socks every day so that your feet feel as fresh as you do when you wear a clean shirt.

6. Cut your nails

Do not haphazardly cut your nails, instead, trim them such that the rim of the nail hangs on top of the toe. Moreover, do not try to cut corners because excessively shortening the length makes your nails vulnerable to abnormal growths.

In a nutshell, consider the grooming of your feet as necessary if not more than more visible aspects of your physical being. Your feet bear a lot of stress of your body, and it is paramount that you take care of them because a model without a perfect walk does not meet the brief.

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