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WEEK ON IG: Joao Knorr, Stefan Pollmann, Travis Scott…

We are staying at home or simply going into throwback with some of our favourite models on IG in the past week – #STAYHOME with models to follow:

edison fan
Week on Instagram is truly reflecting on times around with some of our favourite models just as  we at MMSCENE as well can’t appeal enough to the importance of staying at home. Models and celebs as well are either taking on their favourite throwback moments or updates from their stay at home lock downs. This week we have updates from Edison Fan, Florian Macek, Manu Rios, Jonathan Bellini, Andreas Eriksen, Joao Knorr, Derek Chadwick, Travis Scott, Jonathan Bellini and Xavier Serrano to name a few. 

Scroll down for all the downtime action: 


florian macek

In my country we are in general not allowed to go out and meet other people to slow down the spread of the virus and I thought I give you some daily ideas you can do if you in a similar situation: ————————————————————————
immune system boost with a ginger & turmeric shot in the morning – read a new book (write any recommendations in the comments pls) – daily home workout (more infos soon) – spending time playing board games (chess for example ?) — what are your daily activities guys” @florianmacek

jonatjan bellini

Happy to be home, stay safe everyone ! ???????” @jouubellini

dafa george

“*2” @dafa_george

travis scott


brian whittaker

The fro came to say hi ?? what’s your favourite way to spend down time?” @brianhwhittaker

edison fan

So staying home and being safe. How are you guys killing time apart from taking selfies? #staysafe” @edisonfanye

liam jay ward

2020’s gone tits up really hasn’t it” @liamjayward

joao knorr

Can’t believe that I just turned the big apple into my new home! ??? thanks to everyone who made this possible, you know who you are. Literally no words to express how happy I am right know, feeling blessed ?? nice day you all ????” @joaoknorr

xavier serrano

Spending days at home. Watching the situation in Europe, it’s a matter of days that the USA start putting whole cities in quarantine. Stay safe & calm! ??” @xserrano9

aleksa gavrilovic

Bad boys 4 ??” @_aleksagavrilovic_

stefan pollmann

Quarantine Diaries day 2 ????.. Noemi already took at least 8 baths and we painted a lot. Including the walls, the bed and the dog ? ??? ?????… The nicest thing: Everyone claps at 8pm for 5 minutes to show gratitude to all the nurses the doctors and all the helpers. (Swipe left) Stay home stay safe.” @stefan_pollmann

andreas eriksen

Missing LA, and this little one… tb” @dreeriksen

derek chadwick

so what” @derekchadwick

manu rios

quarantine routine@manurios


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