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3 Ways Suit Alterations Make a Big Difference

FInd out what differences can you actually expect from alteration

3 Ways Suit Alterations Make a Big Difference

The suit is a staple in most men’s wardrobes. It’s ideal for a variety of events and occasions and a great way to step up your professionalism in one simple look. Whether you’re wearing it for a party, a wedding, a job interview, or an important work conference, the classic suit holds its own on all frontiers.

The key to success here is wearing a fit that flatters you. You need to know what colors are appropriate, what fits your body type best, and what styles are in right now. This can feel like a tall order if you’re new, but getting award winning suit alterations is a sure-fire way to take your look from a 6 to a 10.

Alterations used to be fairly common practice, but fast fashion has created a demand for off-the-rack. You will always be disappointed with baggy blazers and ill-fitting trousers if you don’t take them to be re-fitted.

But what differences can you actually expect from alteration? Read on to find out.

1 . Now it Actually Fits

Fast-fashion retailers create items that cover a range of fits, so you’ll never walk away with a suit that is tailored to your body. Demand is high, and everyone has a completely unique height and weight. This blanket attempt to cater to every single possible body size means that it’s impossible to find an off-the-rack suit that truly fits your shape. Sure, they technically fit if you can get one on your body, but they don’t really fit.

Alterations take a suit and actually fit it to your body, with all the unique features that the process offers. Leg length, sleeve length, how cinched the waist is, and the removal of excess material are all standard ways to improve the fit. However, there are numerous other ways your suit can be altered to more accurately match you. The wonders a trained tailor can do is something you can only experience by giving it a try.

3 Ways Suit Alterations Make a Big Difference

2 . Your Suit Will Last Longer

It isn’t just your appearance that an experienced tailor can help with; it’s also the longevity of the clothes themselves. Interior modifications, such as the replacement of the lining, can add years to the life of your suit. It isn’t all about how it looks; how it feels and holds up over time is also hugely important.

There are numerous ways a tailor can alter a suit to restore a bit of life to it. Only the pros can can assess the overall health of the suit by examining it for wear and tear. Not only does this stop you from having to buy a new one so often, but it also means your favorite suit can be restored repeatedly. Some tailors are even capable of crafting exact replicas of designer suits, though this tends to come with a high price tag.

3 . You Can Stay on Trend Without Making Another Purchase

Fit is one thing, but what about staying on trend? With a tailor on hand, you don’t need to rush out to purchase a whole new fit to make sure you’re still adhering to the latest styles. Tailors can alter details unique to a blazer or trousers that might have otherwise gone outdated.

Oversized, boxy blazers were all the rage last year, but now Vogue is telling us we’re moving into the land of long and lean. Even trousers are facing a trend shake-down, as the flares of the seventies are making a bold return.

A tailor may not be able to re-imagine your suit entirely, as they can only work with what’s available, but they are a wonderful way to revive a dated fit without having to break the bank.


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