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JUNE ON IG: Trevor Signorino, Quincy, Harry Jowsey…

Summer hits the instagram and even with none to barely any travel it’s not stopping the holiday vibes taking over IG


Even with travel on holt for most of us IG is fueled by the summer vibe – we are keeping up with Quincy and MMSCENE cover stars Trevor Signorino, Elliot Meeten and Manu Rios. But also don’t miss best of June from Jules Horn, Dafa George, Matty Carrington, Nick Truelove and more.

Continue reading for more of Instagram guys to follow this month: 

josh ivory

“Cape Town TB @sashaxolsen” @josh_j_ivory

dafa george



“왜이렇게 오늘 금요일같은거지,,,” @6_21ds

Elliot George Meeten

“This weeks forecast… sunshine and speedos 🌞✌🏽” @elliotmeeten

Matty Carrington

“Enjoying that sun while it lasts 🌞✨” @mattycarrington_

Mason McKenrick

“This pic is from the last time I was at the gym, when my hair was longer and social distance was closer” @masonmckenrick

manu rios

“center of gravity@manurios

vincent marc

“Bye bye Paris 🙂 ✌🏽” @vincentmarc_

harry jowsey

50 shades of Harry? @harryjowsey

edison fan

“Does sunshine cheers you up? It always put me in a good mood 😁” @edisonfanye


“Arrived… 🛸 #NoStress” @quincy

Jessey Stevens

“🐕🥺” @jaysteevie

nick truelove

“Holy dooly it’s good to be back in business” @nicktruelove

staniel ferreira

“100% 🍵Yerbamate .” @pratanegro

jules horn

THEY ARE ALL THE SAME ‼️ Most of the population in the world care about dogs, cats and other so called “pets”. The reality is that all animals are equal. There’s no reason why we should value any species more then another. If you care about animals in general, help to stop the mass killing with simply moving your lifestyle to vegan / plantbased. You don’t want your dog to be hurt and I don’t want a cow or pig or any other animal to get hurt. I can’t and don’t want to accept that millions of animals suffering daily, because people “enjoy” the taste of meat! It makes me sad and it has to stop. .
Another major reason you should change is the importance and impact it has for our planet. The time runs out and we all have to make a step into the right direction, otherwise awful things like the wildfires that happen in Australia right now, are just the beginning. .
There’s no need for animal product consumption to live a healthy and happy life. In fact I’ve never felt better in my entire life. I get stronger, my inflammation went down, my digestion improved, recovery was never better, sleep has improved and I never enjoyed eating an abundance of food that much 🤩
Please change now, before it is too late. Thank you ♥️ @jules_horn

trevor signorino

“So 25 was brutal to say the least.. but I am truly blessed for another year. Much love to all the support this year. Excited to see what 26 brings.” @trevorsiggs

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