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We sit down for an exclusive interview with SIMONAS PHAM who shares with us his beginning, landing campaigns for Shiseio and Chanel as well as his daily routine.

simonas pham

Editor ANA MARKOVIC sits down with top model SIMONAS PHAM to talk about his modeling career, time spent in self Isolation, his fitness regime, music and movies, and how to take the best selfie.

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How were you discovered?

It’s a funny story because when I was 19 years old one of my friends took me to casting for Lithuanian fashion week. At the casting there was like eight people before me in the line, thinking there’s more time ahead I went to pay for car parking and when I returned the casting was over. Four months later, a friend convinced me to go again to a casting for a fashion event, that time I booked the runways for every single menswear designer. The next thing you know few Lithuanian agencies approached me and I got signed.

Courtesy of ©Chanel

Congratulations on getting your first fragrance job! And it’s Chanel! So tell us all about it, is Chanel Allure Homme Édition Blanche Fragrance your new favorite perfume?

Thank You so much! I am very happy and proud to be able to say that I have been working with Chanel and of course I love the perfume but to be honest I use different fragrance notes for different occasions – depends on how I want to smell. Though I have one unpacked bottle like a trophy.[laughs]

Courtesy of ©Versace

You were also part of Versace’s Holiday Saga short film, alongside supermodel Helena Christensen. Was it a challenging shoot? Are there any backstage anecdotes you can share with us?

I would like to say it wasn’t that challenging but just felt a little bit nervous, hoping that I would do my best. There was a funny moment when Donatella came to the shoot with all security and then the team started buzzing. At one moment Donatella and Helena were talking and when I asked someone from the Versace crew if I can take a photo with Donatella and Helena, the response was: “We don’t know, maybe better don’t” – that’s how intimidated we all were. I have to say I didn’t listen to them and I went and interrupted the conversion of two fashion industry icons for a picture. Guess what? Thankfully, both Donatella and Helena were super friendly and sweet. We had a conversation and then did a backstage shoot. Was my big honour to meet them and to work on this project. Also the scene of slap to the face with Helena was funny because she does boxing and she gave me that stance and in my mind I thought “she can hit hard- would not want to mess with this woman”.

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Simonas Pham for Shiseido
Courtesy of ©Shiseido

As the face of Shiseido, You are no stranger to the beauty industry, so tell me about your beauty routine? Do you have any advice you could share with our readers?

Thank You for mentioning that. My agents do the very best they can to put me out there. My beauty routine…well I use face wash foam and a moisturiser after. Also I try to wash my face with cold water. I think afterwards skin is more tight and energised.

What is your philosophy about working out? How do you stay in shape?

My philosophy on working out is that everyone should workout as much as they want and how they feel the best about their body. I used to want to be very muscular but then understood I am not going to be a bodybuilder so I don’t need big muscles, spend a lot of money on food, nutrition and put big pressure on joints.

What I do is I eat healthy and  workout. I don’t have a strict diet but I eat carbs in the morning and for the rest of the day I try to include a protein based nutrition.

simonas pham

What is your exercise regimen?

Depending where I wanna be, if I want to gain muscles I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and use heavier weights. If I need to get more lean then I go 4-5 times a week and use lighter weights.

I am more casual and simple. As a model You make simple looks good and expensive.

How would you describe your style?

I am more casual and simple. As a model You make simple looks good and expensive. [laughs]

What is your go-to outfit for daytime?

Usually it’s jeans, sneakers and t-shirt. If cold then hoodie and leather jacket.

simonas pham

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt as a model?

As a model the most important thing I have learnt is to always believe in yourself. We get a lot of castings and most of them you don’t book but you just have to stay strong, focused ,believe in yourself and eventually good things will happen. I have a lot of friends that stopped just because of rejections their confidence in themselves was going down.

What are some of your favorite modeling experiences so far?

If You are asking about the jobs then I have no favourite – every job I made was unique, important and put me where I am today. But overall because of modelling I travel the world, see places, try different food, meet people, make adventures and memories. If You ask me Which is the best part? Of course it’s the opportunity to make these memories. 

As a model the most important thing I have learnt is to always believe in yourself. We get a lot of castings and most of them you don’t book but you just have to stay strong, focused ,believe in yourself and eventually good things will happen.

Besides modelling, is there any other career path you would choose? You ventured into acting as well, is that something you ‘d try to pursue full time?

Well I am studying law and I am in my last year. So if I can’t model then I would have education and pursue a new path. Yes acting is definitely what I would like to try and do. I was practising it with my fellow actors and I find it very interesting but also need a lot of time and hard work. We never know what is coming next don’t we? 

simonas pham

Describe your perfect day off when you are not modelling?

When I am not working, my routine usually starts waking up by 8AM the latest, I prefer to wake up early, take my dog for a walk, eat oatmeal  and after a few hours go to the gym, have a good workout, come back and eat. Maybe take a little power nap of 30 mins then again go outside with my dog, meet my friends if possible play volleyball, come back, eat then read a good book or watch some movie and go to sleep.

How did you spend your time during the Covid19 lockdowns? 

Well I was working out at home, cooking, trying to learn to play the piano and studying.

Tell us, what are you watching / reading / listening right now?

Recently I finished watching “The Witcher” and now instead of watching it I play it on xbox! I am studying law so there are a lot of cases and information to read.

simonas pham

Simonas recommends to our readers:

Movies and TV Shows to binge-watch:
From shows I would recommend Peaky Blinders, The Witcher, Power, Narcos, and Black Mirror. Movies I would recommend are Dangal, The Crows Egg, Wonder, Perfect Strangers, and Two Is a Family.

Albums to listen to: 
Got to disappoint you, I listen to piano plays before sleep-makes you calm.

Books to read:
The Gods Always Travel Incognito book by Laurent Gounelle, The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy book by Laurent Gounelle, The Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman, Eleven Minutes  and The Alchemist novels by Paulo Coelho, also the The Winner Stands Alone

simonas pham

5 Tips for the best selfie:
1. Natural light is the best
2. Try to avoid duck face, peace, gang signs or the sleepy look.
3. Smile with teeth or at least a little one
4. Background is also important – don’t take selfies with a mess behind you.
5. Keep the camera not from above but at your face level or a bit higher.

What’s next for Simonas Pham?
Let’s wait and see what life has prepared for me?

Simonas’ mother agency is Modelwerk in Hamburg, while he’s also represented by Wilhelmina Models in New York and Los Angeles, Elite Milan in Italy and Select Model Management in London.  

Keep up with Simonas on Instagram @simonaspham

Special Thanks to Jannik Paare at Modelwerk

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  1. Simonas is the smartest, the sweetest and the coolest model with a lot of skills I ever met. I worked with him in Mexico for BrunoBanani campaign. There were 4 of us as models.
    I really felt in love with his personality, his sense of humor, professionalism and his passion of exploring new place, Tulum.
    I’m very proud of every his achievement.
    Thank you for this interview. I read smth new and interesting about Simonas )
    He even way smarter than I already thought)
    He is very a unique person. And you don’t usually meet male models like him.
    I wish to him the best of the best!


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