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WEEK ON IG: Ton Heukels, Manu Rios, Jarrod Scott, Qunicy and more…

top model ton heukels

Entering the month of Halloween with the first week of October and top models on IG such as Ton Heukels, Edison Fan, Augusta Alexander, Manu Rios, Quincy, Jaron Baker, Christian Hogue, Francisco Henriques, Corentin Huard, Jordy Baan, Simon Hamidavi, Jarrod Scott and more.

See all of last week’s Instagram action:

brandon good

“??” @goodbhavior

edison fan

“As the latest model for @omg_sportswear , @minky.l has been very popular among the fans. That’s why this is the third time we asked him to shoot for us. Had a great time as always, see you again soon, brother! ?”  @edisonfanye

david laid and friend

“#golds” @davidlaid

manu rios

manu rios social media

“just a quick reminder that not everything you see on social media is real. keep in mind people decide what they want you to see about their lives. everybody goes through shit. perfection doesn’t exist, so please, let’s try to not compare ourselves with others ?” @manurios

mario adrion

““?? Korea!” ?? My favorite thing about Modeling is traveling the world! ?  I learned a lot about myself in the 2 months I’ve been here! ?? Now I’m at the airport again- off to another adventure to Germany, then LA, Mexico and New York! ?? What’s one place you’d like to visit right now?! ??#itsamee #carrotkingdom #southkorea#modeling ? @rufusazarya” @marioadrion

jonathan bellini

“We all have things to worry about, and we always have a reason to smile and keep the hope in our hearts. Have a blessed day/night everyone ??? #brasil” @jouubellini

ton heukels

“Trying to figure out how im gonna keep taking shirtless pictures now that summer is over” @therealtonheukels

cody saintgnue



“3/3 by @helloimaugust” @briiighton

Sasha Trautvein

“bonjour ???” @sashadidntwakeup

matt law

“Always my favourite place ????” @mattclaw

jaron baker

mindf*cker” @jaronbaker

quincy kombs

“I’m the QB but here, you can throw it. Flea-flicker this time girl don’t blow it. ?” @quincy

christian hogue

“Caught a bird ?in there”  @official_hogue

jarrod scott

“Dodging those swooping magpies ???? made my run a little more intense hate running this time of year for that reason.” @jarrodscott

francisco henriiques

“Waves* ?” @kikohenriiques

corentin huard

“Taking a nap with you and wake up in the middle of it so I can take sneaky pictures of you ??????” @corentinhuard

nick jonas / fernando skinner

“? ?” @nandoskinner

jordy baan

“Home bound after a fun night in Amsterdam!! Thanks to @hugo_official !! cant wait to be home because my couch finally arrived! Happy weekend everyone “ @jordybaan

augusta alexander

“? ?” @augusta_alexandersimon hamidavi

“It’s really not healthy for me that they put up a mirror in front of the bed ?Happy #superselfiesunday from London ??” @simonhrm

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